What advice would you give

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Da hell? Seeing that too. There’s no logic in freeing up passes this late in the day. Ak is already closed.

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So any update on our little SS minnow crew?

(I couldn’t think of a more haphazard crew) get off my back.


I agree, but it works for locals that crave lost spontaneity

I didn’t read everything but I suggest that they do some of the stuff in the resorts if it’s open–swimming, shopping, dining…and Disney Springs stuff…I don’t know what’s open / available on such short notice…if enough resort stuff were open it could be really fun with low crowds…of course, I do realize they intended to use tickets…

Latest text received: “quick question. What is Disney Photo Pass? Should I get it?”


It’s too late now, really. It doesn’t activate for ?3 days I believe.

Correction: that’s for advance purchase price. If they pay full price it can look back

Doesn’t matter though, right? All photos still show up in your feed, you just have to purchase individually. And then once the Pass goes thorugh, you can then mass-download if you want, can’t you?

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See my correction.

:woman_facepalming: please tell me she is a good preschool teacher…sigh


:wink::upside_down_face::joy::rofl: right?!?


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale. A tale of a fateful trip… :rofl:

So where did they end up today?


These types of people give me panic attacks.
I had a quote request today from someone who wanted to know if they could get magicbands on Amazon. Cringe


Amazon.com : disney magic band

…i got an idea…

Don’t you roll your eyes at me in that tone of voice…!


I’m honestly kinda shocked that they even allow that.

Was on a call with someone here at work this morning who shared that they booked a trip YESTERDAY and are heading down this weekend. I was like - um, do you have park reservations??? And they shared that they booked park reservations before ANYTHING else LOL and had been stalking to see what they could get and when. They didn’t even know if they could get flights or at what cost before they booked the park ressies.

I suppose that’s the easiest to let go, and the whole trip could hinge on it, so they had the right idea.

Crazy though!


totally rolling my eyes… my link went to real magic bands and really cool vinyl wraps too.

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oh i know…but I think my amazon search history polluted the results. :slight_smile:

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Tell them to write a live trip report. I NEED TO SEE THIS IN ACTION!!!

…for research. Cause… i kinda wanna do this. Badly. But with assurances i can get into the parks.