We've Never Had Friends Like These - Trip Report

It’s finally time for another family Disney trip! Some of you may remember our previous greatest hits, involving my youngest throwing tantrums in the middle of the France pavilion. Can you believe she’s DD3 now (very soon to be 4!), and my oldest is DD7 now! This is our first trip with friends instead of family, so it will be different! We’re going with my DH’s best friend, his wife, and their two boys (11 and 8) and daughter (5).

Our trip officially starts Sunday Oct 1, when we check in to our 2-bed unit at BLT (rented points), but my DH and the girls left today and are spending tonight and tomorrow with his dad near Madison, FL. They drove down today while I was working.

Tomorrow, I hitch a ride to the Nashville airport and head down on my flight, then take Mears Connect to the Wyndham Garden at Disney Springs, where we’ll spend Saturday night. My plans for DS while I wait for them to join me mostly involve getting some Gideon’s cookies, as I’ve never tried them.

I’ll try to do some live updates if I can, but will definitely finish the report later if I get too behind. Come along and let’s see what my troublemakers get into!


The pic of your daughter on the streets of France last trip is everything - exposed Pull-up and teenager sass in one little toddler :rofl: :star_struck::face_holding_back_tears:

And now you know why my kids are spoiled, :sweat_smile:


This moment is one of my top 10 forum trip report moments! I can hardly ever recall whose report it wa in or when, but that pic is a classic that is burned in my brain and makes me laugh!

Have a great time!!


Just one cuppa this morning, instead of the whole teapot, while I wait for my ride. DH’s aunt and uncle who live across town are giving me a ride today in return for us picking them up in two weeks when they get back from Hawaii.


Safe travels!


Good omen for my flight.




OMG! I want on this plane for that alone!


Never tell me the odds


On Mears Connect, headed to the Wyndham!


So precious hearing all the littles on this bus start cheering when they saw the characters on the front of Art of Animation! :heart:


Whew! I’ve always heard the horror stories of Disney Springs weekend crowds, but never seen it for myself!

I checked in and dropped the tote bag with my laptop and crochet project from the plane off in the room, then grabbed my sling bag and headed to DS. Encountered a black racer on the sidewalk right in front of the entrance to the pedestrian bridge, but a kind man behind me chased it across so I could pass. I can handle any insect or lizard, but I have a phobia of snakes, so I appreciated it.

I took a leisurely walk over to Gideon’s and stood in a 10 minute line to put my name in the virtual queue, which was informed was currently 3 hours and 40 minutes long. Probably not coming back for that, but we’ll see. Checked out World of Disney, and bought coconut patties on y’all’s recommendation and some Alice ears I couldn’t pass up.

Talked myself out of a HM dress. Used mobile checkout, don’t understand why everyone doesn’t in there? I walked through Star Wars Traders, but didn’t find anything too tempting. Grabbed some food at Earl of Sandwich, but DH and the girls were getting closer, and DS was getting more and more crowded in front of my eyes, so I took the food back to our room. By the time I finished scarfing it down, they were here!

I’ll let y’all know if I head back for cookies, but for now getting snuggles and then going to get them bathed and in the bed.


In a flurry of AM texts with our friend, we booked 7DMT ILLs and got PPF LL. Genie was only $20 today, less than I had expected. (Which still makes me sick to say, as last trip, we still felt the sting at only$15pp and only 3 of us had to pay!)

Kids were bouncing off the walls last night, and I got the virtual queue text for Gideon’s while I was bathing them, so didn’t make it back over there. Maybe another night.

Our friends are still on the road, so we’re taking our time this morning and ambling over to MK. I hear whispering starting in the other bed…


We’re having an amazing day. Walking onto rides left and right. Poncho’ed up a dodging the rain. Currently eating some lunch to the smooth sounds of Sonny Eclipse. We’ve done HM, IaSM, 7DMT, teacups, Dumbo, Barnstormer, EtwB.


I have these exact same ears!! Looking forward to following along



Ok I absolutely need that mug! I love it!

Also add me to the list of liners who put her epic meltdown in their top liner memories. That was just the best!


I’m an idiot. I was thinking “wow how crazy that dude in the Pizza Planet shirt was in both your ride photos” and then remembered you’re with friends. :woman_facepalming:




MNSSHP last night. My kids are not late-nighters, but we survived. Will not repeat until much older. But pre-party, MK remained a total cakewalk. Best day there ever.