We've Never Had Friends Like These - Trip Report

Amazing morning so far in Epcot. RD Soarin’, then Nemo, the Seas, Turtle Talk, SE. Currently eating popcorn with DD3 while the others ride GotG ILL. Have Remy and Frozen booked in G+.





The DJ in the Disney Jr dance party called out DD7 as the only Alice’s Wonderland Bakery costume he’d seen. She was so excited.


These are the magical moments that keep us coming back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


GotG might be my new favorite ride. Loved every second.

Remy was fun, and we enjoyed some food around the world.

Watched a little bit of the drum show in Japan, a little bit of Sergio in Italy. Just got in line to meet Anna and Elsa while we wait for our Frozen LL to open. It’s hot, but we’re almost done with the trek around.


Rest of the day went pretty well. We had snagged a Test Track LL for 1935, but after Frozen, Grand Fiesta Tour, walking back to The Land, where we did Soarin’ again with LL, then dinner at Garden Grill, we were beat, and the kids were getting crazy, so we called it a night. I’ll post more detailed write-ups later, but we managed to get very reasonably-timed LL for all 3 big Epcot rides.

DD3 is a huge LwtL fan now, after riding it both times she couldn’t go on Soarin’. Apparently in the fish tank room, someone was working on a tank, and she waved and called out, “Hello human who takes care of the fish!”




What kind of a Liner sleeps till 0730 and doesn’t do Early Entry? On VIP tour day! We just finished MK, heading to lunch at Art of Animation food court, then spending the rest of the day at HS. Our guide has been amazing! I promise pics and details later.


Yesterday was truly a magical day, thanks to our guide, Kirk! He says he’s the only Kirk in the department, so you won’t go wrong requesting him. We definitely will once we scrape together enough pennies to repeat this. He made us feel like true VIPs, and he was amazing with the kids. By the end of the day, DD3 even agreed to wait alone with him while we all did Rise, and the two of them had a blast! He took one look at our lists for MK and HS, and had a plan immediately. We had to pivot a couple of times for downtime, but we trused him, and it was perfect. I think 18 attractions in the end? Plus snacks and a lunch break at Art of Animation between parks.

Her consolation prize for being left out of Rise.

Today, we’re back in MK to do a few things we didn’t yesterday, do some shows, and most importantly, have lunch at Cinderella’s castle, something our girls have been dying for. We just booked PPF for 0935 and SDMT for 1100 (lunch is 1240). Got a Tron boarding group, but I wasn’t good enough on that tap and only got group 92. If we decide we grownups really want to repeat, we can buy the ILL either today or our last day here Saturday. We all loved it yesterday.


Had a great morning knocking out some repeats and some we hadn’t gotten to yet. Crowds weren’t bad in the morning. Lunch at CRT was lovely. My tenderloin was really good. The girls actually ate their chicken strips, the most expensive ones they’ll ever have.

Tron had major issues today, it seems, so we just ignored our BG when it got called at 6PM. We had a great spot for the parade in front of Diamond Horseshoe. We had a LL for Pirates right after the parade that switched to MEP when it went down, so we used the Golden Ticket to redeem our Haunted Mansion LL early. I rebooked Pirates, because it’s our friends’ kids’ favorite, and then we got to use that one during its scheduled period and still keep our MEP.

Finally saw HEA in all its glory. My girls liked it, I got all teary.

Then, after we collapsed back in the room, I decided to take a chance on asking chat about moving my MEP to tomorrow and hit the jackpot!

It’s AK, so not as amazing as it would have been for HS on Friday, but I’m still thrilled to have it. Especially since we’re hoping to finish up AK in time to hop to Epcot for one more run on GotG before our dinner at Ohana.


Yes, we now own Baby Pooh, to go with Babies Minnie and Belle from our 2021 trip.


Sitting at the bus stop at Contemporary waiting for AK bus (board was saying 0758), when a man in a DVC polo came over and asked our party size and destination and offered us a ride in a DVC van! I assume they use them for tours during the pitch? Little lovely bit of magic!


Sitting on the surface of the sun, AKA, The Boneyard while DH and DD7 go for her second run on EE. She loved it and FoP (got to do it twice, too). I was the mom everyone talks about who strapped a crying DD3 into her seat on KRR, but just as I predicted, as soon as we started moving, she loved it and was all smiles by the end. I still find AK hard to do with littles, with such high height requirements for most things. I’d give anything for a solo day here myself. I’m sure the new land will be amazing, but I will miss the charm of Dinoland. I love the cheesiness.

When they get off Dinosaur (a ride I have sworn off), we will have done every ride in the park except Triceratops Spin. We’ll look for anything else to do, then we’re hopping to Epcot for GotG LL and… who knows what else?


Hey @Jeff_AZ your DD has a challenger for overlord of cuteness :joy: :heart:

awesome looking trip so far! :star_struck:


Final count for GotG: the first ride I missed got Conga, my DH and I doing it on rider swap got Everybody Wants to Rule the World (I thought it completely worked and loved every second), then today, DH and C got September (jealous!) and M and I got Disco Inferno.


Dinner at ‘Ohana, with my first ever Lapu Lapu!


DH took a better pic.


Before CRT yesterday, after the girls put on their dresses, we went into Sir Mickey’s and stumbled upon the princess photoshoots in there. Free and amazing! They did such a great job!


Cuteness overload!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Have to share that we RD’d MMRR this morning, and now DD3 keeps singing “Nothing can stop us now!” :heart: