West Coast vs East Coast Battle: Christmas, Part 1 (A Trip Report)

Lol yup, he’s just one of those too.
We hope it parlays into a strong immune system later but still waiting for any payoff there…


Well my son is the only one in the family who hasn’t had Covid so maybe there’s something to it?


Well I am typing this from the cvs parking lot while we get everyone medicine for the cold he gave them from licking things on the plane on the way BUT it is an upgrade from the er this day last year from falling onto his back from the roof of a play structure so :+1:t2: improvement!


OMGosh! :mending_heart:

Please get better soon. Reminds me of the kid I saw eating something off the ground (like directly with her mouth…not 5 second rule kind of thing!) in Main Street Cinema. Kids! It’s got to have some later benefit…it just has to!


Lol. My nephew once said about my youngest daughter,” if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen to A___.” And it’s true. She’s now 25 and almost through vet school and I still worry about her haha