We're Rewatching all the Pixar Films!

DW said the same thing regarding our now-DD6! :rofl:

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He probably is pretty devisive. We LOVE Forky in this house. DS6 went through an obsession with Forky & loved all things Forky for several years after this was released.

Benson! I loved him & the other dolls so much. So creepy but soooo fitting for what they were up to.

Her arc makes me so mad, but it’s not the thing I’m most mad about in this film. I loved her as a villain. I didn’t love that she was the Toy Story villain they give redemption to.

Understatement of the century. I appreciate the real life theme that you mention a little farther down in your review but the whole thing blows up the absolutely perfect ending to Toy Story 3. I can’t watch Toy Story 3 without getting mad all over again about how badly Toy Story 4 just bulldozes all over that perfection. I’m still mad, 4 years later. And when we do watch TS4, I spend the whole ending joking that Bo Peep is the villain. DS11 has gone so far in his dislike of TS4 to pretend it doesn’t even exist & anytime he sees merch or characters specific to it asks “Who/What’s that?” and then when we answer anything involving TS4 he says “What’s a Toy Story 4?” But DS6 loves loves loves Forky still so as a family we’ll put it on. And Ducky & Bunny are pretty funny so I do at least enjoy elements of it. Even if I just hate the ending.

Also, Buzz’s total loss of confidence from the “I’m Buzz Lightyear! I’m always sure!” to his questioning his every move & checking his “inner voice” constantly was a head-scratcher to us.


This is the way.


LOL that should have said divisive. I’ll fix that …

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Haha, I’ll fix mine too. I figured that’s what you maybe meant but I thought decisive works too because a lot rides on your enjoyment of the movie on the decision to embrace the Forky humor or not.

An aside to Forky Asks a Question, we liked a lot of them, but OMG the one where Forky asks about a Pet. :no_mouth: :face_with_peeking_eye: :dotted_line_face:

The first time we watched it we were like “WTH did we just watch?!?”

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Forky Asks a Question is pretty hilarious. Look up S1:E2 - What is a Friend? and give it a watch.

Yeah it was well done, which I appreciate, but doesn’t mean I like it! :rofl:

Apparently they’re making TS5 so maybe that will put everything back? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That is the only acceptable path for me continuing to enjoy TS from here on out. My kids keep hoping for a Woody reunites with Andy’s kids. I think it will be a little more surprising & less predictable than that, but I would be happy if that’s the case.


We’ve seen them all (it has been awhile) but I do remember that one!

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I think the piece that resonates with me is the character arc of Mrs. Incredible. For me - it was great to see a woman (who is also a mother) finally get to be the star of a film. I appreciate how she goes after her dreams - with the support of Mr. incredible - and kicks ass. Even if the film, overall, doesn’t bring back the same elements as the first, I do believe that seeing her in this light was amazing. I also appreciate seeing Mr. I take on the role of staying home with the kids - AND solving the problem of Jack-Jack when it arises without relying on Mrs. To solve it for him. It shows that men can be home too.


Wow … I had forgotten about that one, if I have ever seen it …

I love all of those aspects too. I had a friend comment that this part especially made her convinced that the movie was not really made for kids, but made for the adults who’ve grown up watching & loving Pixar & a decent number of them now also balancing the scales of mom/career.


That is probably the biggest strength of the film. However, I did feel it was a bit of a rehash since the first film was about her going to save her husband, who was in over his head. But in this movie, he had matured. I don’t think she had or needed any growth.

True. He’s trash.


I could see how you would think it’s a rehash, but this one feels like her story. She is the star, whereas the other one, she was saving her immature husband. She gets a chance to be the hero - instead of only a wife or mother.

I think you’ve adequately rated the movie - i just feel like this is an instance where the representation matters - and to me, I could really resonate with her story.


I forgot to mention that the song, “I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away” was a solid addition to the Randy Newman canon.

Absolutely, and there’s no discounting that.

It’s why I will always give deference to @Shmebulock when it comes to Brave. :wink:


Also, these rankings are my own. I am a firm believer that while there are plenty of objective criteria to measure films by, the sum of these parts does not make a film objectively good or bad. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I fully support everyone having their own favorites. It makes me feel better knowing each of these Pixar films is loved by someone. They were all made with care.


Or you could bump Wall-E up to the 4 it deserves :wink:


2nd that!


This. It was one of the things that ruined the movie for me. I had similar initial irritation with Sadness in Inside Out, but Forky had a much deeper hole to dig out of with me and never made it to redemption.


And this…

And all of this :rofl: