We're Rewatching all the Pixar Films!

Starting in summer 2021, my family watched all 60 (now 61) Disney Animation films, starting from Snow White all the way through to Encanto and Strange World. We finished them just before the 1-year mark in August 2022.

Now we’re doing the same thing with Pixar films! Since there are only 26 movies so far, it’s a bit easier of a task than watching all the Disney movies, so we are hoping to finish by the time for the release of the 27th film, Elemental, on June 16th.

I’m going to share some of my thoughts as we watch through below! Hopefully someone will find this interesting…

Relative Ranking Tracker (to be updated as I watch each film):

  1. Coco (2017) - 5 stars
  2. Up (2009) - 5 stars
  3. Inside Out (2015) - 5 stars
  4. Luca (2021) - 5 stars
  5. Cars (2006) - 5 stars
  6. Toy Story 2 (1999) - 5 stars
  7. Soul (2020) - 4.5 stars
  8. Finding Nemo (2003) - 4.5 stars
  9. Onward (2020) - 4 stars
  10. The Incredibles (2004) - 4 stars
  11. Toy Story 3 (2010) - 4 stars
  12. Monsters, Inc. (2001) - 4 stars
  13. Finding Dory (2016) - 4 stars
  14. Cars 3 (2017) - 4 stars
  15. Ratatouille (2007) - 3.5 stars
  16. Turning Red (2022) - 3.5 stars
  17. Brave (2012) - 3.5 stars
  18. Toy Story (1995) - 3.5 stars
  19. The Good Dinosaur (2015) - 3.5 stars
  20. Toy Story 4 (2019) - 3.5 stars
  21. Incredibles 2 (2018) - 3.5 stars
  22. WALL-E (2008) - 3.5 stars
  23. A Bug’s Life (1998) - 3 stars
  24. Cars 2 (2011) - 3 stars
  25. Lightyear (2022) - 3 stars
  26. Monsters University (2013) - 3 stars

Friday, February 17, 2023

Toy Story (1995)

We’re going in release order so we started with the original Toy Story. Random thoughts:

  • The animation is quite good, but noticeably primitive in some areas.

  • The “uncanny valley” phenomenon is apparent with Andy and the other humans, but it actually helps make Sid scarier.

  • Woody is kind of a jerk. :sweat_smile: This is probably the film where he has the most growth.

  • Love the understated humor. Like that joke about Marie Antoinette.

  • The music by Randy Newman is awesome. I love every song. You’ve Got a Friend in Me is a classic. I had forgotten Lyle Lovett sings along in the End Credits version. (I’m not a huge fan, TBH).

Overall, I give Toy Story 4 out of 5 stars for breaking ground, having a strong story, and memorable music. (4 stars is exceptional. I will reserve 5 stars for my very favorite movies - think of it as a bonus star. LOL)

:star::star: :star: :star:


Learned something new. :blush:


I remember it not bothering me at the time, but certainly now the people of Toy Story come off creepy/uncanny valley. The animation has improved a lot.

I still love the “edgy” jokes in Toy Story. They still make me laugh. Light Beer :rofl:


Dear @Jeff_AZ - you really need a Flickchart account. Its amazing for ranking/charting your movies!!

I am excited to follow along with this!


I actually created one several months ago the last time you mentioned it! I went through a couple hundred movies even. But I abandoned it when I realized there are just so many movies and it would take forever to get them all ranked. But I may go back to it sometime when I’m less busy.


Does this include the Pixar shorts too? At the very least, I’d recommend Partysaurus Rex :blush:


If you just start to add movies as you do thing like this, you’ll find your chart starts to line itself up. …or when you have some ‘down time’, blast through some random matchups. It took me quite some time to get it in some semblance of order - and even still, I realize there’s movies I missed or something’s just wayyyy too low/high.


What does this mean?


You really seem to have the knack for Flickchart.
I spent days of hours ranking movies last year when you recommended it and somehow it really hasn’t worked properly for me. It has my number one right, but it hasn’t even put some of my absolute favourites into my top 20 :woman_shrugging:t4:
It seems to have picked a position based on a choice and then it never asks me about it again, so it never moves up.
I would like it to reflect my favourites more accurately like yours seems to.


There’s generally a linear relationship where the closer to human resemblence something is, the more people will evoke certain human feelings when observing them. The uncanny valley is where that line craters if something is close to a human likeness but slightly off in some ways that makes it weird, creepy, or negative, and way worse than feelings for less human but not creepy things.


We started rewatching Pixar last summer after our trip, but only made it through to Cars 3 (that’s our next one)! Looking forward to following along with your ratings! Maybe we’ll pick back up with ours when you catch up.


I kind of appreciate this. I’m glad he’s got flaws. I can relate to being resentful and jealous of newcomers at times, and being so stubborn and idealistic of how things should be and resisting change. The relatability makes me love the series even more.


Agreed. It’s nice to have flawed characters who grow and change, rather than one-dimensional caricatures.


Nicely explained. Thank you :+1:t2:


I can help with this! I don’t want to derail the Pixar thread - so I’ll send you a message!


Thank you :+1:t2::film_strip:

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When I read this I was like, Dude! You’re going out of order. Then you said it was their first film and I was :exploding_head:

The uncanny valley was exactly why I couldn’t watch Barbie movies with DD when she was little. The non movement of the face/cheeks is horrible. I even have trouble with it in the Bad Batch series.


I often wonder about the animation aesthetic choices in that show. Some of it is photo real, but other parts seem intentionally clunky, especially the human/humanoid characters.


Are they trying to keep them very animation-looking so that we don’t encounter the uncanny valley?