We're baaaack! Another trip report to make @mousematt miserable

Funny enough, he’s a Paul too.
But at 5’3, he’s a “Small Paul.”
Which is actually what Paul is Latin for.


Your son is SO cute and he is wearing an awesome mask.

I think the murphy bed/table combo makes those already small rooms smaller. Our family does LOVE the over-the-top theming at ASM!


I am so excited for your trip report live or not…your ds is adorable! Also, DH has misplaced his underwear when packing for your underwear. Thank goodness for Instagram!!!

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I hope @ninjasherrie isn’t using Instagram to showcase her lack of underwear :scream:


That might go against TOS even for Insta


This made me laugh so hard…thank you!




@Randall1028’s friend autocorrect must have stopped by. I’m keeping it there for hilarity!


And I just re-read what I wrote. :woman_facepalming: I give up. I need to start using the microphone feature.


What a great photo. Your DS has the perfect Disney attitude

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but at least it made for a good laugh…just go with that was your intention, to bring joy to people around the world!


Good morning! Today is DS’s favorite park, MK. He’s up and raring to go at 6 AM. We’re… Awake at best, lol.


Have a great day!!

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Cute! Have fun!

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have a magical day!


Foggy morning.

We got there around 7:30 AM, and we got to ride Buzz, the carousel, the tea cups, and Winnie the Pooh before official open. Mine train already head a line, so we got a DAS for it and ride those things. By the time the DAS was ready, park was open. DS loves coasters. Me, not so much, but I rode mine train and BTMRR for him.
Then we got waffles from sleepy hollow. Sweet sweet diabeetus.
We rode a ton of stuff before noon, and we got to see three cavalcades. DS said he wanted to go back to the room, so we’re en route. We’ll probably go back later after our dinner ADR at Whispering Canyon. We have a second MK day, so not trying to push things.

I will say that that extra hour before opening, at least right now with reduced capacity, is a game changer. We got so much done.

Someone’s sleepy. :heart:


I believe I saw another Liner post in the app that Kali is actually running now, even though there is a sign up saying it’s not (?!) - so maybe take your chances next time you’re at AK!

Aww shucks. We don’t have hoppers so we won’t be back there this trip. Darn.

interesting!! We would have loved that - we were there on the 20th and 27th but didn’t think to look closely at kali!

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Question: (just whenever you can get to it…) Are you able to get into the parks before “official” opening time? We’re coming in 2 weeks for the 1st time and are trying to get all the scoops we can!