We're baaaack! Another trip report to make @mousematt miserable

So I’m not convinced I’ll be live reporting this trip, (especially since we arrived yesterday and this is my first post, lol.)

But it’s the Three Mouseketeers in WDW once again! Me, DH, and DS. We’re at ASM for 3 nights and then moving over to the Poly for 4. ASM (or the “Woody Hotel” as DS calls it) was for DS.

Or flight was delayed yesterday by Florida ATC bc they were so busy they delayed all incoming flights. But despite that we arrived only a little after we were supposed to. DME line was very long, but I think we only waited in it like 10 minutes, and then another 10 for a bus. Lucky for us, ASM was the first stop.

Room was not ready when we arrived, so we did some walking around. But it was hot, and DS was kinda tired, so we went back to the main building to camp out until our room was ready. After about 10 minutes, a CM came over to where we were and asked us if she could check our room for us… She looked is up and said that it was not, but if we wanted, she’d find us one that was ready now. We glad jumped at the offer. We had requested Toy Story 3 floor corner room. While she was looking, our room ready text came through and it was none of those things, but at that point we didn’t care, but she said, “ignore that, please!” And another room ready came through that was literally everything we had asked for. Thank you CM Aisha!!

We went back to the room, rested a bit and headed out to Disney Springs for dinner at Splitsville. We enjoy the food there and this time was no different. But it was crazy busy bc of the weekend, so we left as soon as dinner was done. Took some pictures, and came back to the room. James was having a good day in his legs today so we were able to get a few pics without the chair!!

Where I realized my terrible mistake. I took some things out of the surface to rearrange so! me things, and apparently one item didn’t get back in. I am here in Florida, without underwear, :rofl::grimacing::flushed:! Instacart to the rescue!

Then we went to bed and are up early for AK today. Gonna be another hot one.



Sorry about your underwear :see_no_evil::rofl::rofl:
Have a blast at AK!! :deciduous_tree:


We’re noticing lots of non Disney buses here… It’s been kind of a problem bc the non Disney buses DON’T have wc lifts.
We’ve been at the AK bus stop for 40 minutes now, but the last three buses didn’t have lifts, so there’s a line of people in mobility devices waiting for an accessible bus.
We’re not going to make for drop. Sigh. Wish they would bring back more bus CMs and stop using these gypsy buses.


Love your title :joy: I’m sorry the buses haven’t had lifts. That’s really not acceptable. Hope you make it to AK soon and have a fantastic day.


I how you find more magic today!


It seems crazy that no one thought how bad sending buses without lifts would be. Hate to eat up more time but a stop at guest reactions or at least a phone call seems needed. Someone higher up the food chain needs to come up with a better plan! Other than that it sounds like a fun trip already!!!


Hooray! Another trip report!

LOL at you commando in FL. Or I guess not, thanks to Instacart :laughing:

Can’t wait to follow along, especially today which is obviously Best Park Day! Have all the fun!


OMG how frustrating! How can they not realize this is an issue for mobility needs!?!?


Yeah no, disney. Not okay. Hope the rest of your day improves. Can’t wait to follow along!

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Have all the fun!

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Great pics!! Your little dude is so cute!! Sorry to hear about the bus frustration but glad they are obviously making some effort to have more buses…they just need to distribute them better. Any further reaction/tips for ASMo?

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Have all the fun! Sorry about leaving underwear at home. :grimacing: I can totally relate!:roll_eyes:

Bummer about the buses. Loving the report and adorable pictures.

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Best trip report ever.


So ASM is immaculate as far as cleaning goes. The room is spotless. It’s a bit small for me and if it weren’t for the table bed, it would be uncomfortably small, even for the three of us. But, tastes vary, so others may not take issue. All the CMs have been nice and helpful. We haven’t visited the food court yet, so I can’t comment on that. Plenty of chairs at the pool.

AK is my favorite park, but it’s DS’s least favorite. There’s only 3 rides he enjoys and one of them is closed for refurb. (Kali.) He also didn’t love the heat. We usually can’t make a full day out of it, and today is no exception. We did do the bird show for the first time, bc DS lives bird and we hoped it would give him a little more staying power in the park. He enjoyed it. Especially the raven, Kindi. He has zero interest in the tigers or the gorillas. :pensive:
We finished the day with lunch at Y&Y. DH had his Kobe burger, I had a special of the day that was scallops with bacon jam and a spicy corn succotash with rice. Oh, and a delicious Pink Himalayan to drink.
Now we’re back at the hotel, gonna go swimming and relax.
Despite the bit if a rough start, things are really not bad. First day of vacation with DS is always hard, but things usually get better after.
No issues with buses this afternoon, I think it’s specifically a pay tube thing, but I am going to say something later about the morning issue.


If you pick those parts out of it, it sounds pretty awful. But it’s not been bad actually. First day of any trip is rough on our son, as change is not something that he handles well. We’re spectacularly terrible at adapting to it and setting expectations lower.


I just realized when I read your posts I imagine something like Rex Harrison’s Professor Higgins.

“Poor Eliza. How simply frightful. How humiliating…

How delightful.”

(Timestamp 2:17)


Keep it coming. Great report. Really enjoying it.


That’s pretty much bang-on.

Despite some of the lovely music, My Fair Lady is a really rather nasty play. I saw it at the theatre once and was genuinely shocked at the ending — and that was thirty years before woke was even a thing.


Just realized it autocorrected to “Huggins.” :persevere:Just went back and fixed it. :wink:


Smart guy. Easily one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in WDW. Have all the fun!