Week before Easter

Any rumors out there regarding hours being extended this week? With predicted crowd levels of 9s and 10s I can’t see Disney keeping these 9am openings. On the other hand, they’re still offering a 25% off room discount. So are the resorts really that packed? As I read through different forums (TP, WDWMagic, EasyWDW, Tripadvisor and disboards), it’s hard to find many people traveling that week. Thoughts?

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We’re going then! I’ve seen only CL levels 6-9. Where did you see 10? Maybe they updated them?

I see it on my touringplans dashboard. Plus every other website has that week as max crowds

Week commencing 21st Resort level is predicted 10 every day . Every park is listed 9/10 all week except AK on wed.

Oh yeah, duh! We’ll be there 2 weeks before (14-19th)! I was thinking the week before Easter weekend WAS Easter week! lol! Sorry! So, I’ve got 8-9’s according to TP CL chart. Not sure there’s much difference tho.

Which is why I don’t understand why operating hours have not changed.

I think they will but it won’t be done until about 2weeks out. Xmas/NY changes were made very late last year.

I just talked to a Disney rep today and she said opening hours changes can be made right up to day of. They analyze their crowds and make adjustments from there.

Still, I’m with you, this sort of thing should have been done already. Last year, I believe the March changes were made in January.

I think I’m going to make 2 plans - one for opening at 9am and one for opening at 8am. If they open at 8 and I didn’t realize it, then my plans are shot anyway.

At Easter 2013 the park hours changed 2 weeks before our trip… Thats when 2 weeks of 7 am emhs were added for MK

It will be interesting to see if Disney follows that same course of action this year.

This year will be our 10th Easter trip - we always arrive the Wed before Easter and leave the Fri after. Every year it seems Disney waits longer and longer to revise the park hours. It’s really frustrating. Based on experience, I expect the MK to open regularly at 8am every day and 7am on EMH days (which are usually every day). I somewhat expect that AK and DHS will also have earlier openings as well (8am with 7am EMH) but not to have EMH every day. Epcot’s schedule usually doesn’t change at all. However, despite believing that this will be the case for this year as well, I never feel 100% comfortable until I see it on the website :frowning:

Great to hear from someone with experience going around that time. Thanks Valt.

Disney just made another round of changes to the March operating hours. Some 8am openings were added at the beginning and end of the month, no 7am EMHs. Most importantly, no changes made to the week before Easter.

I found a 7:40 AM BOG ADR tonight for Thursday 3/22. Is that an indication that they plan to expand park hours to 8 AM that day?

Also, if a non-Disney Resort guest has a 7:40 AM dining, and EMH starts at 8, does that guest have to leave the park and wait until 9 after breakfast? (They aren’t scheduled for EMH hours that day “yet”, just generally curious) This is probably a really stupid question, but I’m a total WDW noob.

We have been off site and in MK during am emh. We were held at the hub until rd. This was before BOG breakfast so don’t know how that works now. They were scanning bands at Hub before letting guests into tommorow land.

Two weeks out, still no schedule changes…

I hear you. Don’t know why I’m bent out of shape about this, but I am. I follow every planning website on Facebook. I keep hoping that the next time I look, I’ll see the news about hours changing. Maybe the predicted crowds (by Disney) don’t warrant the early hours. Or maybe it will be a last minute change.

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I have no experience at all this, so I don’t know if it’s any indication, but MANY FP+ still seem to be wide open ad MK during my stay, except the ones that weren’t available to me at 30 days for the most part (A&E). How sweet it will be if the crowd level is lower than TP anticipates. Not holding my breath though.

It seems to me from reading the multiple boards I follow (if that’s any indication) that most people will be arriving Easter weekend and staying during that week (March 26 - April 2). While I’m sure it will be crowded, I don’t think it will be to the level that TP and some other services predict (9’s and 10’s). At least I hope it’s not. If it was going to be, I would think Disney would have reacted by now with expanded operating hours.We’ll soon find out.

I’ve seen a bunch here on on DISBoards that would be arriving 3/23 and 3/24…