Wearing Eyeglasses on Rollercoasters

Hello Everyone~
I leave for the world on the 30th! Does anyone leave their glasses on when riding the coasters? @profmatt, I see that you wore them on SDD. I always take mine off and then of course can’t see; contacts are not an option. I’ve thought about getting a strap/eyeglass cord so if they fly off they will still be somewhat attached. What to do???

I always wear mine and for the more exciting rides I have a strap that holds them on. I’m not sure it’s actually ever necessary, but it’s reassuring to know it’s there.

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Will look for a strap during this madness of Christmas shopping or maybe Amazon Prime will have something! BTW, do you ever sleep? :grin:

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You can buy them at the parks. That’s where I got mine.

I get up late!

So I can get something very Disney, like covered with tiny Mickeys?

I have been wearing glasses for nearly 40 years and I have never taken them off to ride any ride ever. I am blind without them

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I’ve also been wearing glasses all of my adult life and it never even occurred to me to worry about a rollercoaster. Probably the roughest thing I’ve done with them is downhill skiing, and even then they would only come off if I were to take a tumble and have a yard sale.

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My mum got herself a strap with mickeys where it attached to the glasses :grinning:


I wore my glasses on all the rides — SDD, SM, BTMR… totally not a problem. They never felt like they were close to coming off. You’ll be fine!


I use a strap for roller coasters, although nothing at Disney warrants them. But I have been on coasters and actually witnessed glasses being blown off people’s faces. One time, during the main drop on Magnum at Cedar Point, someone’s glasses hovered over our heads. At the end of the ride a guy in the very last car in the train managed to snag them from the air and passed them up!

Anyhow, I take no chances. If I lost my glasses I can’t see, can’t drive, can barely recognize my family! So I use the band even if I don’t need it. Some coasters they actually require you either have a band, or they make you take off your glasses.


I’ve recently started wearing contacts mostly for road cycling but used them on our Disney trip … didn’t make much difference from glasses at Universal as I had my eyes closed vertually all the time through Hulk …


My husband wears glasses and wanted something more secure for his glasses. I bought this for him on Amazon, he loved it!
Croakies Arc Endless System Sport Eyewear Retainer, Black, 14"/X-Large/XX-Large https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BW39VHM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_LPciCbKBE34AJ

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No worries at WDW. For the more aggressive coasters at Six Flags, I wear a strap.

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I always make my 9 year old take his off, but now that you guys are saying you leave them on, maybe I’ll quit being so paranoid. I’ll probably still take them off for RNR tho

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I keep mine on for coasters.

There is nothing at WDW that makes me concerned that I am going to lose my glasses.

I would probably want a strap for something like “Superman: Ultimate Flight” or “X2” as seen at some of the six flags parks, but nothing at WDW, even RnRC, makes me worried about losing my glasses.

I guess it’s down to how loose or snug are your glasses on your head, and do they move around a lot in everyday life.

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This happened with DH’s hat at DL on SplM. I commented that his hat was gone and the girls in the back of the car yelled “We caught it!” :laughing:

Better a hat than what happened to a friend of mine on one of those rocking ship things at a Six Flags once. Someone on the opposite end lost their cookies as that end was at the top (passengers facing the ground - my friend was on the end looking up.




Oh, the horror!!! :face_vomiting:


Yep. She told me about that, and even though I loved those things, I never went on one again.

I just ordered these but will look for the strap with Mickeys when I get to the parks!