We Wants the Redhead - A Friday Rant


Heck, I’d settle for Aladdin!


there is no need to be apologetic about where you live or whatever tardiness you’re dealing with, but removing uncomfortable symbols of the mistakes of the past only serves to open the door for future generations to not have the opportunity learn from these mistakes and hence make educated decisions to try to avoid repeating those mistakes


So true!


I find it odd that the same type of people that whine about Disney white washing history in movies( for example making white people not seam nearly that bad in pocahontas) are the same people I see also happy the wench seen is gone even though removing it is making the pirates seam better in the same kind of way.


My 3 year old daughter’s favorite part of the ride was seeing Captain Jack. Personally I prefer the ride pre-Captain Jack, but when my 3 year got so excited seeing him it answered the question of “Why is he there?”.


My view on this issue changed once I had a daughter. I introduced her to the Disney Princesses at a young age so there is no question I opened the door to her love of Belle, Arial, Cinderella, Snow White, etc (all of whom have wonderful qualities), but I prefer when she chooses to wear her Elsa or Moana costumes or to wield her toy lightsaber like Rey. I particularly like the Moana character. Moana has overtaken Alladin as my favorite Disney movie.


Oh, they’re fine, I just think it’s a bit overdone at this point. They put pants on Bo-Peep and she now holds her staff like Rey, honestly, that’s laughable. Which reminds me, I have to get my Rey costume back from DD24, she’s had it since Halloween.

But loving Ariel and Belle as a child didn’t stop her from pursuing her PhD. And for me, Leia was the real eye-opener- honestly every girl character after her has made much less incremental difference on the collective psyche. But there needs to be balance. If every princess doesn’t have prince, there’s not going to be another generation of royalty, not to mention it’s just less fun.

But also, this means that the offerings for little boys is pretty much zip these days. It was always imbalanced- let’s face it, they sell a lot more dresses this way :rofl:- but if one’s goal is to raise strong, self-confident boys, they’re not going to find a lot of role models at Disney. Fortunately for my two boys, they do have rollercoasters.:wink:


That makes a lot of sense! I feel like there has been a patchwork of refurbs that have made it lose continuity, which is more my issue than anything. I’m sure I would love Bejing!


Um. This is an amusement park ride. Even in its most original form, touched by the Most Sacred Hand of Walt-Jesus Himself, historical verisimilitude wasn’t exactly the point.


I agree with you. I was just explaining a possible reason why they made some of the changes you and I don’t like.


Initially it was going to be much much worse according to some of the concept art…


… and to be a ‘pirate’ one had to commit ‘violence or depredation’. I don’t think that they were ‘nice’ people…but a good coating of sugar solved the problem. :wink:


Are we going to Walt Disney World or the History of the World. Lighten up.


I blame it on the nice, catchy song.


I blame it on David Essex!:joy: Have to get this in before @longwalk does




Is it possible to undo people’s suffering?


One must wonder whether an amusement park is the appropriate venue for educating anyone about the sins of the past.



True enough, but DLP beats them both.