We Wants the Redhead - A Friday Rant


OK so in the last couple of months I have been able to experience the Pirates of the Caribbean refurbs at both Disneyland and WDW. While both are very well done and the ride remains a favorite of mine (spoiler alert: I prefer the DLR version), I feel the need to rant about the whole get-rid-of-the-wench-auction thing. Don’t get me wrong; I’m an independent-minded female who’s not in favor of wench auctions in any form (although it is kind of fun to say “wench auction”). But, really? Why stop there? I’m also not in favor of sneak attacks, burning down towns, pillaging locals, torturing people in wells, or shooting cannonballs at unsuspecting sailors. If I were to expand my list with other attractions, I’m also not in favor of being attacked by a Yeti, going to hell with a toad, turning little boys into donkeys, forcing elephants to travel in circles all day, or having kids’ body parts grow when they lie (although that one might have some possibilities). Disney is about STORYTELLING. Stories are supposed to make people think, talk, laugh, cry, suspend reality, and even reflect. We’re not supposed to agree with every story we hear, nor use every story as a lesson in morality (Fifty Shades, anyone?). What’s next? A sign outside POTC that says “Disney does not in any way condone theft, torture, kidnapping, or busty women in low-cut dresses”?? Or maybe they’ll just change the whole thing to “Friendly Sea Turtles of the Caribbean.” But no sharks, stingrays or poisonous reptiles allowed. Yo Ho.


But minimally-endowed women are fair game? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:
Just looking for the extents of today’s rant… :smiley:

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I clicked on your post because I am a red head and really wanted to know what this was about. I am happy to say I giggled through your whole post :slight_smile:


I’m a redhead too, and agree with every word of it!


I knew I liked you.


Ok, I have yet to see the new and refurbished Pirates of Correctness… but I do remember being a bit put off by the sign changing from Wench to Wife and the women chasing the men way back when. I don’t think I’ll like this change any more than I liked those.
It was not a pretty scene, but neither is the whole ride really. I’m not that politically correct I guess.
Having said that I kinda like the idea of a kick butt female pirate though…


Do we actually need to be politically correct about the past though? I don’t see what’s so wrong with being historically accurate! But yes, a kick ass female pirate is good. Though we could have had that without changing the rest!!


Honestly, we live in very sad times, intellectually. Debating ideas is now constantly dangerous. Excessive political correctness is swallowing everything. The most innocuous statement will inevitably shock someone who has nothing better to do than to make a big fuss out of anything.

The 17th century philosopher Nicolas Boileau once said ‘‘From the shock of ideas springs forth light’’. This is now less and less likely…

A few weeks ago in Montreal, a comedian was banned (by white people) from a festival for having dreadlocks despite being a white guy. This was called cultural appropriation and potentially hurtful to black people !!! Dreadlocks !!! Worn by a white 95-pound hippie !!! He can’t even hurt a fly !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, my own rant is getting far from your point but you’ll understand I totally agree with you LOL


Very funny post. I agree completely @8lovesmickey


@jflaff, how is everything going? Can you update on your thread.


Hi !!! :smiley:

Waiting for the results of the genetic tests next week so fingers crossed and I’ll update then. Nothing new since last time so we continue to hope. Thanks for asking !!! :smiley:


Dunno, I guess I’m a decadent coastal elitist, irredeemable libtard, grasping moocher, and affront to all that is wholesome and good about U.S. America, but I guess I’m finding it hard to work up much nostalgia for a scene about buying and selling people as property, what with that having caused uncountable suffering in this country’s history. To equate it with those other elements of fantasy is, one might say, obtuse.

I’m off to my vat of gin.


and “ravishment” (I’m not sure if the other, more direct verb to describe what was on the pirates’ minds is allowed on this site) – those “wenches” weren’t being chased around so that when they were caught there would be a nice game of chess…


Another redhead here and I wholeheartedly agree! PoTC has been one of my all-time favorites and with the addition of Johnny Depp’s character and the removal of all things that are deemed not “politically correct” today, it’s just lost something for me. For me, it’s like trying to remake a classic movie, but taking out all the features that made it just that, a classic. Some things just need to be left alone and if it offends someone, well they have the choice not to partake in it.


Point taken, but I’m pretty libtard-leaning myself and if I thought changing the redhead to a pirate would undo people’s suffering I would be all for it.


So they changed the Redhead! Did you notice that the Pariot in no longer on the outside of the exhibit saying “Pirates Life for Me”, but rather on the overpass inside the ride. Did you also notice that the stairs in the HM no longer move back and forth? Also do you remember when the Alien in the “Great Movie Ride” teeth came down to within a foot of the riders below? Oh Yah what Great Movie Ride? Alas it is No More.! How about Captain E 0? That’s right he’s dead and out of favor these days. :cold_face:


I think our sense of things and their appropriateness changes and it is okay for Disney to keep up with that. There are at least two other rides this snowflake would like to see modified somewhat.

That said, what drives me crazy is that they have chopped up the ride so there is no more story or flow as you move through it. Why is there a chicken auction in the middle of a pillage? Just take the chickens! And I hate the addition of Jack Sparrow. Why is he there? No one cares!

PS, DL version IS far superior.


It makes me a bit sad to know there’s not going to be another romance tale like Beauty and the Beast or the Little Mermaid. I can’t really remember the last swashbuckling hero. I’m trying to think of the last one- not sure Woody and Buzz count, as dear as they are.


I know what you mean Señor Gatito but then wouldn’t the whole ride be offensive since people trafficking and piracy have hurt and tortured so many?


Errol Flynn?? All who followed were just pretenders…:joy: