We Wants the Redhead - A Friday Rant


Not my area :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think the problem here started with Disney deciding to make the Jack Sparrow movies.

Prior to that, Pirates were meant to be shown as the baddies. Countless stories were written where pirates are the villains, etc. The ride was meant to show this. I remember riding it as a kid and never thinking, “Oh, wow. I guess I can go chase women now!” Even today, there are pirates (although, not of the peg-leg and patched eye variety).

But Jack Sparrow creates a problem, because while the pirates are portrayed in some ways to be disgusting, they are still ultimately the “heroes” (in an kind of anti-hero fashion) of the story. Now, pirates are the one to root for.

So, once you create pirates as no longer the bad guys, how you present them in the ride itself suddenly becomes more problematic. It is no longer clear which actions are just pirates being the “boys will be boys” attitude versus truly appalling behavior.

I’ll say, I don’t like the changes made to the ride itself. But I also didn’t like that Disney decided to make movies where pirates are somewhat glorified, undermining the original intent of the ride, which was to show us the supposed life of “bad guy” pirates. Their vileness, their lustful misogyny, their greed, etc.


I thought for a moment that you were describing the evil stepmothers, ugly sisters etc. :wink:
Seriously, I always enjoy reading your thoughts. What about the Poldark type pirates (although maybe he didn’t pilage on the high seas), who gave their spoils away…the Robin Hood’s of the waves?


I’m not really sure what you’re asking. :confused:


Poldark is fiction. Handsome, dashing, righteous, chivalrous, eye-candy, honor-bound, muscular fiction, but fiction nonetheless.:wink:


So the two weeks I drove around Cornwall looking for him was a waste of time? :fearful:


Original, Robin Ellis Poldark or new Aiden Turner version? I grew up on PBS British comedy & drama.


Well, it would be more age appropriate for me to reply, Robin Ellis but in all honesty, I am not feeling any attraction to Judge Reverend Halse !:joy: So my vote goes to Aiden.


If you don’t understand how a lighthearted portrayal of human trafficking is different from a yeti, I really don’t think I can explain it to you.