“We need a little Christmas!” Trip report

A Quick Intro to this trip!

Who: me and DH, regular WDW-goers. This will be my 4th and his 3rd trip this year. We have 4 adult kids, none of whom are joining us. I’m a Disney travel planner on the side.

Where: Staying in Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs

Why: Life gets stressful. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it. Or something like that. Plus, I realized I had Agent benefits expiring at the end of the year, and it would just be wasteful not to use them! Plus my DH is a great enabler for travel, and when I said “Hon, I just realized I have some benefits about to expire, and we’ve never been at Christmas…” he asked why I was still there and not back at my computer booking the trip. So here we are. But it’s busy time of year at the real job, so it’s a short trip.

Quick plan:

Thurs - we have a stupid-early flight which puts us at MCO at 9 am. Plan is to Lyft to Coronado Springs, catch bus to MK, hop on a boat to WL for a Geyser Point lunch and looking at the beautiful tree, boat back to WL and hop on monorail to tour monorail resorts/trees/gingerbread/bars, then to DS for dinner at Morimoto (which I still can’t believe I was able to snag an ADR for this last minute)

Fri - Epcot. DH hasn’t saved the galaxy yet, so planning on a VQ and ILL, want to see the Living with the Land overlay, wander the world for storytelling/snacking/drinking, then I snagged a Rose & Crown CP dining at 5:30 for the 8:30 CP with the amazing Neil Patrick Harris! (Kermit flail). Might try to catch a glimpse of @mousematt and his gang without being weird about it too.

Sat - MK. Knowing it will be crazy crowded, plan is just to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Only “must do” rides are Splash (‘cause last time with song of the south) and Buzz (‘cause DH likes getting Galactic Hero and is really good at it). Anything else is gravy. Except not gravy, because we’re eating at Jungle Skipper because it’s awesome and it won’t be gravy, it will be cheese bread. We have never seen Enchantment**, even with all the other trips this year, for one reason or another, so I got us a post-fireworks dessert party to ensure good viewing without having to get a spot too early.

(**we did attempt to see Enchantment from a private fireworks cruise back in February 22. But it was really foggy and damp that night and from the lagoon all we could see were colored clouds. Pretty, but not the same).

Sun - up stupid-early again to get home and back to responsibilities.

I won’t be live-reporting, but plan to update each night (or possibly the next morning). Feel free to follow along as I indulge my addiction!

Pic of my fun Christmas ears to kick things off before I go finish packing:


Those are fun!!! I look forward to following along!


Fun trip ahead! Your girls trip report earlier this year was great fun. Look forward to this one too!


Have fun, Ferris!


You are definitely not alone. Have fun!


Yay! Following.

Made it to MCO after a bumpy flight. A large service dog in the flight got nervous on landing… wasn’t able to control bodily functions. A touch more smelly than magical.

And away we go!




So beautiful!

If the dog is a smart as I figure, that was a very embarrassed canine.

We have one that’s totally clueless about bodily functions. But the other two are clearly upset when unscheduled stuff happens.


We are on a boat.


A little light lunch at Geyser Point. It’s beautiful here in the rain. Christmas music playing softly,

ducks wandering around, steady rain. Absolute lovely.



Nice picture!

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What a lovely day! After Geyser Point and WL, we went to Contemporary and saw the gingerbread castle, then monorailed to GF to see the tree and gingerbread house.

Then to Disney Springs, which started with a stop at Jock Lindsay’s for a Yule Mule and some turkey croquette snacks.

Then over to Morimoto for dinner - which was absolutely amazing. We picked a sushi chef’s sampler - everything was delicious!

And back to Gran Destino to watch Harmonious from our room… a perfect first day!


This looks absolutely delicious!


Morimoto is one of our favorites! So good. I love your pic of your DH. He looks like he has an infectious smile.


He really does. We have a lot of fun.


Love your holiday ears! And Morimoto - yum!