We may have our differences but nothing’s more important than family - a WDW/UOR trip August 2016


Welcome to my trip report! We were in Florida from 5th-19th Aug, staying onsite at both WDW and UOR for the first time.

Some introductions - the trip was me Clare, DH Cass, and DS11 Joe. We live in Manchester, England.

Here we are!

My first trip was in 1992, with my parents, brother and sister - we stayed in a motel. In 2000, we stayed in a villa, by now I had a boyfriend (Cass) and a 5yo son Sean, and my sister brought her boyfriend (now husband) so there were 8 of us. We had another family trip in 2012 in a bigger villa - we had 2 boys by now, Sean was 17 and Joe was 7, and my sister had 3 kids aged 7, 4 and 2. Sean’s 18th and my nephew’s 3rd birthdays occurred during that trip and we had a lot of fun. But there were also a lot of arguments - it was a bit too much togetherness!!

Since then I have really wanted to go just as a family, rather than extended family. And I’ve always wanted to stay onsite! It took a couple of years to convince DH, but we booked in April 2015 for 2 weeks at POFQ in Aug 2016 with free dining/memory maker and later in the year we added a night at Hard Rock Hotel as I was desperate to stay there too! Sean didn’t want to come - he doesn’t really do holidays or hot weather.

As well as being our first family trip, and first onsite trip, it would be our first trip with an ECV. About 6 months after our last trip, DH got MS and he doesn’t have great mobility. I thought the ECV would sort that, and we’d just have our trip as usual. How wrong I was! But it was a great trip anyway!


Travel/Arrival Day 5th August

My alarm went off at 5.30am and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep - not the start I had imagined but I was so ill! Both Cass and I had really heavy colds, I had lost my voice, and we generally felt like death! I dragged myself up though, checked we had money, passports and plane tickets over and over, and our taxi arrived about 10 minutes early at 6.20am.

We live about 20 minutes from Manchester Airport (in England - I guess I should have put that in the intro! I’ll edit later) and we had booked airport assistance for DH so we went through the priority security line and just after 7 we sat down for breakfast and the traditional airport alcohol! Our flight wasn’t till 10.30 so we had plenty of time to relax.

Joe with our plane

And the boys looking forward to an 8.5 hour flight!

We were dreading the flight, it’s such a long way and our previous experiences haven’t been great. But this time we flew with Virgin Atlantic and it was amazing! Even the food was great. The main meal was Lebanese salad (I didn’t like it but DH did), then a choice of chilli and wedges (DH and I had this, delicious) or teriyaki chicken (Joe liked this but not the rice) and white chocolate/raspberry mousse for dessert. They also served afternoon tea - cheese and tomato wrap, crisps, and chocolate - and in between brought round drinks and ice lollies.

I read a book, then watched a brilliant film I’d never heard of called Sing Street, and Zootopia. I know the boys both watched The Force Awakens, I’m not sure what else. Then Joe made us all play a trivia game.

i haven’t flown to MCO since my first trip, and I really hate the layout. Though I guess I was a little stressed trying to deal with the wheelchair and the luggage! And I was completely deaf after the landing for about 4 hours, I couldn’t get my ears to pop! Again we got to go through a priority security line, so at least we were spared that horror, it was long! I saw 2 little girls from our flight wearing T-shirts saying they were going to Disneyland - I cringed! If you’re going to have T-shirts made, go to the trouble to check where you’re actually going!! We picked up our luggage, but when we got to the second belt we had to use it instead of taking our bags with us as checked bags couldn’t go in the lift. This added so much time! It was about 40 minutes before we retrieved our suitcases at the other end. Then we couldn’t find the way to the B side for ME! But we got there eventually!

In no time at all we were passing under the sign and we were finally home!

We arrived at POFQ, picked up our magic bands and made our way to our room. We had requested 4314 using the TP fax service, and got 4318 further down the same row. It was a fab location and we loved the room.

We then went to pick up Cass’s ECV (we rented from Buena Vista) and got some food in the temporary food court. I had the stuffed baked potato which was horrible, but the beignets for dessert were great - not really what I expected but good!

We explored the resort

Then took the bus to Riverside so DH could practice as we really had no idea how it worked, never having used Disney buses. We looked around there a little, then walked back to POFQ along the river.

We watched some TV while I unpacked, then we got to bed, having been up around 22 hours!


I have heard that this is a great film. I will watch it when I can rent it. I missed it at our local movie theater.

Thanks for the report. Can’t wait to hear more.


I loved it, I have asked for the bluray for my birthday.


I hate it when my ears don’t pop after a flight. Ugh.


Yay! I love trip reports!


Love the report so far…
Sorry you had to start with such a cold…and what a loooong flight…
Had to laugh…when we were at POFQ in December, we also requested 4314, but got 4316, but anywhere along that row is great…really is a courtyard view at standard price…:grinning:
Great photos…just love the looks on their faces on the plane…
I may have to check out this airport alcohol idea…:sunglasses:
Looking forward to more of the report…


Epcot Day 6th August

We got up bright and early, though I still felt awful - if I had been due in work I’d have called in sick Friday, Saturday and Sunday minimum, but I wasn’t and there was fun to be had! We had breakfast at the food court, then went back to our room to get everything we needed for the day. Then disaster struck, for the first but certainly not the last time. DH’s MS symptoms intensified and he couldn’t leave the room. I had been intending to be at the bus stop by 8 at the very latest, but time ticked on and on. At 8.45, he told us to go without him. We got the bus at 8.50 and arrived at 9, the park was already open but we weren’t too worried - we had our touring plan!

We headed straight for Test Track - it had been down for refurb on Joe’s previous trip and when I rode it must have been having issues because we went round at about 10 miles an hour! But we absolutely loved it!!

We then rode Mission Space Orange with a FP. I can’t lie, I was scared! The last time I nearly passed out!! But after the initial take off I was fine, though it will never be a favourite!

At this point, our touring plan let us down! We were supposed to go to Club Cool, but it didn’t open till 10.30! We walked round to the Pixar short film festival but we had just missed the start, so we skipped it and went to Sum of all Thrills. Last time Joe was too small to go upside down, so he loved it!

Next we went to Soarin to use our next FP. OMG it was amazing, I loved it so much! We were in the second row but I didn’t really notice the feet, I was just blown away! I liked the old one, but I could take it or leave it. Since we were ahead of schedule, we went to see Circle of Life. Last trip Joe laughed at Timon and Pumbaa’s antics the whole way through (Lion King is his favourite film) but this time it didn’t raise a smile. I guess he’s growing up!

We then went to Club Cool. Joe remembered that he didn’t like the Beverly, but he gave it another go anyway!

I think he liked it a bit more…or maybe I mean he disliked it slightly less!! I actually like the Beverly, and I enjoyed all the flavours. Joe’s favourite was the Japanese one - VegiBeta or something along those lines.

We then used our last FP on Spaceship Earth - we love seeing our future!

We then left for a break. We had intended to eat at Sunshine Seasons, but we weren’t hungry.

We went back to POFQ, picked up DH who was feeling better, and got the bus to Disney Springs. It looks so different! I stopped in World of Disney to collect our gift card (part of the UK offer) and then we went to Earl of Sandwich for lunch. Our first time there and we really liked the food - Joe and I had the Hawaiian BBQ and Cass had a Buffalo chicken wrap. It annoyed me that we couldn’t get a dessert that cost more than $2.99 though. In the parks, our credit was worth nearly $20, here it was $10.

After lunch we crossed the road to the Buena Vista Palace hotel to pick up our rental car. I promptly realised I didn’t know how to drive it and freaked out! I had deliberately not added DH because it cost more and I didn’t think he would be well enough to drive, this may have been a mistake! We set the satnav to Goodings and set off down the road, with me shaking and nearly in tears behind the wheel. Then it said we were there - we weren’t! I drove round aimlessly while DH shouted at me until we found a small store, and bought some snacks and drinks for the room. By this time, I’d had as much as I could take and I literally cried all the way back to POFQ. Needless to say, I drove as little as possible! Next time I may skip the car and pay for taxis! In my defence, I really wasn’t well!

We had wasted so much time that we needed to rush back to Epcot for our Biergarten ADR.

We stopped to chat to some Vikings

and then checked in, about 10 minutes early. We were seated almost immediately. We enjoyed the buffet, though because we’d eaten later than intended, we weren’t that hungry. We actually found we weren’t that hungry through most of the holiday!

Afterwards we wandered through World Showcase and did some shopping. DS got a Japanese headband (I think it says Fierce, I can’t remember now)

And I got something much more important!!

On the way back to Epcot, I’d got us FPs for Illuminations, but we didn’t have the energy. I had a quick meet with Baymax

And we headed for the exit around 8.30. Unfortunately, DH was unwell again, and we actually ended up leaving after the Illuminations crowd! We were grateful for our beds that night!


No way! What a coincidence! I loved the location.


I’m sorry about the driving trauma. I don’t blame you. I know I would be crying if I had to drive in your country!


Sorry about the glitches and the health problems…but glad you were able to work through them…
The driving must have been such a challenge compared to your home…
More great photos…


Me too! I feel like I’m living vicariously through other liners.:grinning:


I was so scared!! But I did get better.


@SallyEppcot and @tjkjbarton, I love a trip report too, so I had to write one.


I would be terrified! I’m glad it got better.


It is so hard for the first few times. When I visited the UK I would have to give myself a pep talk when approaching the car, “remember, get in on the right side, remember the right turn is the harder turn to make. . .” It gets better after a while only to be a shock when you go home.


Loving the report and photos. So sorry about the health issues, not something a touring plan can help a lot with. Glad you’re having fun and making memories anyway!

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I got in the wrong side every time! And I tried to hit the clutch every time I slowed down before remembering I didn’t have to change gear. Not when speeding up though funnily enough!


I can totally relate to that. You are fighting every driving instinct you’ve developed over the years.


I was a bit naive about DH’s health issues I think, but it’s not that obvious when your holiday is sitting by the pool all day, and our last one was June 15 anyway so quite some time ago. I set our walking speed to very relaxed, but it didn’t help much!