We left the cute ones behind- A Trip Report

We are on our way. DH and I. This is sort of a “we’re gonna try to add a third member to our clan sometime in the next bit of time here so let’s take a trip alone while we still can” trip.
It’s also our first time taking advantage of moving half a country closer to WDW, so we are driving! We left at 5:45 AM before the kids and my MIL woke up, so it was an uncharacteristically peaceful morning. My 3 year old came in for snuggles around 2 AM, so I got a sweet goodbye that way.

This is a quick trip for us. Historically, our trips have been 8 and 10 days respectively, so a 4 day trip (with an 8 hour drive each way) is very different. Especially planning-wise. Instead of having every step of our day planned out, I have general guideposts for each day, and they’re all pretty flexible. I have park hoppers for the first time, but might only be using it for one day. We’ll see. I still maintain that it was money well spent.

We’re leaving behind our boys. Just turned 2 and almost-4. We’ve been prepping them for weeks. “Mommy and Daddy are taking a special trip, and Babcia is going to come take care of you. We’ll be gone for three sleeps.” You know, all that stuff. I also finally weaned my oldest son yesterday. I got him a toy ambulance as a parting gift. And I got myself a trip to Disney World :crazy_face: Truthfully, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. I still got a little emotional yesterday, but I think I’m over it today. A trip to Disney will do that.

Today we’re heading to HS. Might hop over to Epcot for lunch. I’m planning on stacking G+ while we drive for an evening at HS. We have an ADR for sci-fi (first time- open to suggestions on what to get!) and post-close ADR for Oga’s.

Thank you to @OBNurseNH for the all the encouragement for child-free trips. I’m really really excited for time with my husband. I sure like him a whole bunch.

And thank you to @Randall1028 for all the awesome FArts coverage that provided the timing for this trip.


(The ones we left behind)


My pleasure. This will be so great for you guys, all of you (kids and Babcia too!) in all the ways! We (general we, not you and me we) sometimes forget to take care of ourselves as individuals and as a couple as we get enmired in the day-to-day of the (wonderful) work of raising the kids. I’m glad you’re taking time to be just the two of you and I know you’ll have the best time! I can’t wait to follow along! :heart:


Thank you! I think it’ll be awesome. I’m really looking forward to how exciting it will be to see them again on Sunday. And how excited they will be to see us!

And it’s true. As much as I see my husband all the time, in many ways, I still really miss him. It’s a rare thing for us to get time together where we don’t need to think about our kids and we can just focus on us.

When my son asked why we were going, solely out of curiosity, I gave him this whole long spiel about how before him, there was just dad and me, and how we still need to connect on that level. I’m sure most of it went over his head, but it still felt good to get out there.


I am looking forward to your perspective on the drive. It should feel like a breeze compared to heading back home with kids. :laughing:

Have all the fun.


Have a great trip @Broph1988.


Couple only trips are the best ever. DH and I take two a year and I love every bit of those trips. Going with the family is great, but just the two of us is really special. A completely different vibe. Might I suggest the tutto gusto lounge in Italy? It’s a small, dark lounge with a few tables and an area with chairs and a couch and it’s glorious. A glass of wine, some small plates…. So great. Have all the fun!


The drive is amazing.
It’s so quiet and no one has demanded anything of me!


What a great suggestion! I’ve never been there. DH doesnt drink, but he is always enticed by good food


DH and I have never travelled sans kiddos. If we did, I am wholly sure it wouldn’t be WDW. He goes because we are fans. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you there yet?
Are you there yet?
Are you there yet???


:joy::joy: so close yet so far! It’s giving me lots of time to figure out G+ before we get there though. All research I should’ve done before hand, but we really didn’t decide until last night that we were going to give it a go.


My husband truly came around in a way I never expected. I thought he would super dislike Disney on our first trip. His idea of an idea vacation is reading a book on a beach.

Though he’ll tell anyone who cares to listen that the reason he fell in love with it is because of my exceptional planning skills.


Oh my gosh! We made it!


And the weather is chef’s kiss


The sky is gorgeous!


Skydiver isn’t moving. Poor folks up there


glad you made it! have a great time!

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Oh me oh my. It is so beautiful here. I’m pumped. Walking to HS now.