WDW Restaurant Reopening List

I actually asked what was going to be open in another thread & then about 3 minutes later this!

Maybe I should ask about Disneyland updates next? Or when will reservations run smoothly?



no woodys lunchbox… that hurts…


For me it’s no CRT… I get it. It’s a small space character meal, but it’s my favorite MK place.

Here is the opposite:


Thanks! I was actually about 80% done making this list myself! Oh well… :rofl::wink:

Last time I was in Epcot we discovered Katsura Grill… out of the way, beautiful, outside, and so quiet. I’m glad to see it’s not on this list.

When will reservations open for these locations. I checked on-line and I could not make any ADR for late July. Do you have to call? or is it still TBD?

It’s still TBD…

I’m bummed that some of the restaurants don’t just open without being a character meal. Crystal Palace is gorgeous! I would eat there as a regular meal, same with CRT. I imagine they could “fill” that even without princesses. Drop the price a tiny bit and I would consider it. But I wonder if they are worried about getting the communication out that there aren’t characters and people still showing up expecting Pooh or Cinderella.

I know… right? I love the view up there and I think the food is highly underrated. (Plus… and they don’t promote this anymore, but it is an “all you care to enjoy” meal. They’ll bring you more than one plate & even different entrees - if you ask.)

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I still cant book more then 3 days even though i have a 5 day stay, and i have AP’s.
I am thinking about dumping the reservations if its not worked out by 6/26. So i can use my 3 reservations on a diffrent days and work out the hotel stay days later.

Has anyone gotten the invite for the passholder preview?
I am understaning that you will be required to use one of your 3 reservations days for this, is this correct?


they better have ice cream carts!!! i need all the ice cream…


Looks like Oga’s is back on the schedule to reopen…


It will be so awesome to do Oga’s with social distancing.

Last time we went, we had a party of 5, and they still sat another party of 4 and a party of 2 and what i would call a typical round corner table at a restaurant. It was ridicules.

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Looks like Gaston’s Tavern, Cinderella’s Royal Table (No characters), ABC Commissary and Hollywood & Vine (with characters) are going to be reopening at the end of the month / early Oct.


Good news!

We went a week ago or so, and it can be dissapointing when so many things are closed.

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Dining at Disney (or lack thereof is one of the main reasons I cancelled my 2020 plans)

I know there are a good number of places open, but it seems that all the ones I want are closed! :upside_down_face:

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I wonder if these reopenings mean they will start upping the amount of people they let into the parks :roll_eyes:


shhhhhhhh noooooooo