WDW Reservation Finder in Beta Testing

I think that @PrincipalTinker is right here - the TP reservation finder is free and the others were charging.

Those other sites were making a profit on Disney ADRs. TP is not. TP said they checked what the issue was and are working within Disney’s boundaries. If they are not we all know Disney will tell them.


They charge a fee for subscription of the service of using Touring Plans. You don’t think Disney realizes that?

A basic subscription is free.

As noted below, you do not need a paid subscription to access this tool. There are many features of the TP websites and tools that are free.

That is what my post said earlier: I think the main difference is that this is free to everyone not just TP subscribers.

Lol and this post is a perfect example of how my iPad will not work with the forum since the update to 9 and above- now I can’t even quote :unamused:

Just to confirm: The ADR finder is 100%, absolutely free to everyone. If anyone has a question about this, send me an email and I’ll walk through the (simple) process of signing up for free access.

As far as the other sites…a couple of them were kind enough to send a copy of Disney’s Cease & Desist. That specifically mentions “scalping,” because of the fees charged for access to those sites. Again, ours is free.

FWIW, the legal teams for those other sites believed the sites would win a court case, but they didn’t have the money to do that.

The C&D mentions a few other things, which I won’t get into here. As you can imagine, the Unofficial Guides have a very good legal team that specializes in intellectual property. I shared the C&Ds with them. Their opinion is that we’d have an excellent chance of winning an arbitration or court case. And I would indeed do that if needed. But again, I think Disney would first recognize that we’re a different animal. Can’t predict what they’ll do, of course, but I stopped worrying about this once I confirmed with the lawyers.


@david has added some enhancements to the Reservation Finder.

  • Backend improvements to speed of processing searches
  • Blue dot is shown for active searches. (The yellow scared people)
  • A yellow dot is shown for dates beyond 180 days, along with a statement of when checking will start.
  • There’s a second save button at the bottom of new “mobile friendly” requests.
  • Parties of up to 16 can be entered.
  • Restaurants are alphabetized

One of my requests haven’t been checked since around 1am and it is 6:55am now (I thought it was strange because when I got up and checked for the ressie myself I found one within the time it would have been checking.) and the one I just set up yesterday afternoon never checked at all. I clicked on the save button for each one again thinking something might have happened and now they both say active and not checked yet. I will wait and see what happens next and let you know.

If your search status has not updated within 60 minutes.Please send an email to reservation_finder@touringplans.com with the dtails of your search and we can look into it.

Thanks I will do that. Still hasn’t run.

Thanks. We found an issue where certain dates are not being checked. The fix has been applied.


Thanks! Working great now!!

Thanks so much TPs!!! I have gotten all the impossible ressies I was after! Can’t thank you all enough!

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Are there plans to add the Illuminations Sparking Desert Party or the WIshes Desert Party?

Yes, the deserts parties and special events that use the online reservation system will be added. It won’t be until we update our database.

Steve, the app is working PERFECTLY for me. I’ve received two notifications thus far. Unfortunately, I missed them both.

The original post said that “free accounts” can access. I have a paid account; my adult daughter does not. She wondered how to make a free account and we couldn’t figure it out. Can you point her in the right direction?

What a great idea!! LOVE THIS!!

To create a basic account:

  1. Click Subscribe on the Home Page
  2. Click the Walt Disney World Subscription image/button
  3. On the right side of the page, click Basic Access
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Thank you, Steve!

I’ve had great luck with 2 reservations! Thank you so much. Another positive, I was a bit of an ADR hoarder because I’m nervous about weather, water parks, plans changing, what if someone gets stick, etc. This tool made me feel better about releasing my CRT and BOG back up meals. I probably won’t need them, and if something changes and I do need another CRT, now I just need to set up an alert instead of stalking the website. Ain’t got no time for dat!

Love the Reservation Finder! It has found me a BOG and then this afternoon while I was out looking at houses. I got a text about the Crystal Palace Pre-RD I was trying to find! lol should have seen the sales lady when I started freaking out about having to get a reservation. hehehe.