Chef Mickeys or Princess Makeover?

I was able to get a princess makeover scheduled for my daughter at 9:30am. We have a Chef Mickey’s ADR at 8:25am. I don’t see us being able to do Chef Mickeys and make it back in time for the Makeover. I also have a couple of Akershus reservations for lunch that day (I wasn’t sure what time would work best so I grabbed two). I think DD (4) would love to be done up as a princess before a princess lunch, so I’m leaning towards scrapping the Chef Mickey’s reservation, but I don’t have any other Mickey/Minnie ADRs scheduled.

I’m also already looking to swap my Hollywood and Vine ADR and Crystal Palace ADRs because I ended up changing park days for those two - so my reservation finder slots are taken. We go in less than 30 days and I’m questioning why I stressed over getting the right ADRs when I’m moving them all now anyway!!

I have a DS 7 to consider as well - so he’ll miss out on Chef Mickey so his sister can get the makeover but get more park time if I cancel the ADR.

So, thoughts on canceling Chef Mickey for a princess makeover?

100% of the time I would do the BBB over Chef Mickey! My niece loved her make over. We enjoyed CM but it was no where close to being as special as the princess make over.


Set up a free account with spouse or friend’s cell phone number. Then you can have two more slots to search.

Thank you! That’s what I figured, but I wanted some reassurance.