WDW Reservation Finder in Beta Testing

Thanks! Working great now!!

Thanks so much TPs!!! I have gotten all the impossible ressies I was after! Can’t thank you all enough!

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Are there plans to add the Illuminations Sparking Desert Party or the WIshes Desert Party?

Yes, the deserts parties and special events that use the online reservation system will be added. It won’t be until we update our database.

Steve, the app is working PERFECTLY for me. I’ve received two notifications thus far. Unfortunately, I missed them both.

The original post said that “free accounts” can access. I have a paid account; my adult daughter does not. She wondered how to make a free account and we couldn’t figure it out. Can you point her in the right direction?

What a great idea!! LOVE THIS!!

To create a basic account:

  1. Click Subscribe on the Home Page
  2. Click the Walt Disney World Subscription image/button
  3. On the right side of the page, click Basic Access
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Thank you, Steve!

I’ve had great luck with 2 reservations! Thank you so much. Another positive, I was a bit of an ADR hoarder because I’m nervous about weather, water parks, plans changing, what if someone gets stick, etc. This tool made me feel better about releasing my CRT and BOG back up meals. I probably won’t need them, and if something changes and I do need another CRT, now I just need to set up an alert instead of stalking the website. Ain’t got no time for dat!

Love the Reservation Finder! It has found me a BOG and then this afternoon while I was out looking at houses. I got a text about the Crystal Palace Pre-RD I was trying to find! lol should have seen the sales lady when I started freaking out about having to get a reservation. hehehe.

Is this an actual APP or do I just view it through the TP site? I have the TP APP on my phone, but is there something separate I go to view all of my searches on my phone? Thanks!

The Reservation Finder is not yet included in the WDW Lines app.

You can use the Reservation Finder through the browser on your phone. The same web page has a mobile friendly layout.

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Thank you for such a great feature! I was able to get 1900 Park Fare, CP, Disney Jr, and Minnie’s Holiday Dinner for Thanksgiving week! Great job!

A possible work around for those of us with non-US cell numbers…

Most cellular providers offer e-mail to SMS. Ask your provider if they do and what the e-mail address is. Mine is XXXXXXXXXX@msg.telus.com Enter that as the e-mail address in your reservation request and the text (SMS) will go to your phone. From there you can click the link and make your reservation.

Just wanted to provide an update on my Reservation Finder usage.

ResFind found me a BoG reservation for 6 at 9:20 AM and I was able to snag it in time. So right now, I have a previously booked 8:50 reservation and a 9:20 reservation. I’m going to keep both until Disney updates the schedule for MK for that day to show 8 AM open. When it updates, I’ll cancel the 8:50.

What a great addition to the Touring Lines family! Thank you for this!


@Len, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought some of the other sites were polling wdw’s system so often that they contributed significantly to the notoriously dreadful response times of wdw’s site, and that TP does the tortoise thing by polling consistently at reasonable manageable intervals, and that this was another possible reason for the C&D? Is it me, or has wdw’s site been a little more responsive in recent months?

Kudos again for an outstanding feature.

Thank you. Last month got a BOG dinner, I did however miss a few alerts (my fault). Set up a new one for BOG lunch in January. Alerted within 2 hours and I got it ! TP you are great and practice makes perfect on my end.

Let’s not assume we’re polling Disney’s site. :slight_smile:

You would be mildly impressed with the way we optimized searches so they could be done by people.

These notification services use the Disney API, not scraping. That means a very, very small amount of data and stress on the Disney servers. We’re talking a fraction of a single, normal page load (that thousands of people make all the time on the Disney Dining site). Instability of the Disney site and servers is on Disney, not API calls.

You would have to make tens of thousands of requests per minute to even make a dent compared to their normal (client facing) traffic if you’re using the API.

I believe that, and imagine how it could be done, especially if multiple users are searching for the same time/location.

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This has maybe already been asked somewhere in this thread, but can this reservation finder be used to find reservations for candlelight processional dining packages?