Wdw home for NBA?

I believe they are staying at the Swan and they are the only guests at that resort.

It’s now being reported that this was served in a “holding area” before being allowed into the bubble and not served by the Swan/Dolphin.

Is that what anyone gets for 45 at the Swan?
Where they are staying isn’t particularly relevant. NBA players are a pampered lot. They are not going to stand for “Fyre Festival” food (lol - perfect). And NBA players ability to make waves publicly is much greater.

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That’s what you get when you idolize and pamper somebody for their ability to toss a ball through a metal hoop.

Here’s the complete picture with what appears to be a gesture that has been edited in (over the top of the bed). 99+% of the world would stay in a pup tent pitched out on the lawn to make that kind of money.

Read more here: https://www.masslive.com/celtics/2020/07/los-angeles-lakers-rajon-rondo-upset-about-disney-world-hotel-room-calls-it-motel-6.html

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Go home then

I think I might prefer the regular rooms.

How is he expected to get his ego to fit on the smaller bed?


Cranky old man, hanging on to the twilight of his career by a thread.


I will admit that I will always think of Rondo and smile. I do bleed green.

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Disgusted by his response, but it doesn’t surprise me. Seriously can’t please these entitled athletes. Are they at Gran Destino?

Thankful he’s representing LA at this time and not Boston.

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This made me think about JR Smith. Every time I see or hear about him - usually causing problems - I think, yep, he did that w/ the Nuggets too.

Yeah they are at Grand Destino. Rondo is Rondo…

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Reminds me of “Manny being Manny”


Boys will be boys :woman_shrugging: I hate that saying. Not an excuse. If I followed the Celtics a little more and knew him more maybe I would expect it. I know he was big… know a few dogs named Rondo :joy:

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Lol, now it’s time for the NBA players to complain about the food.

Funny I just mentioned JR Smith in an earlier post.

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