WDW for the (over) cautious(ly paranoid)

How would you structure a trip to WDW in the current COVID / vaccine / mask climate if you were somewhat cautious. Let’s say you’re fully vaccinated and have a stack of masks and private supply of hand sanitizer.

For example:

Walking up Main Street (perhaps wearing a mask) feels safe.

Riding People Mover feels safe — relatively short outdoor line, (mostly) outdoor ride with plenty of built-in social distancing.

Dining at Tomorrowland Terrace (is it open?) feels safe. It’s all outdoors.

POTC? Indoor line. Shared boat. Hmm.

IASW — outdoor line. But shared boat. Hmm.

Moving on to EP (how are you going to get there?) … walking round WS feels safe. SSE — outdoor line, mostly. Socially-distanced ride vehicles, with no sharing. But FEA? Indoor line, shared boat. Nope.


We are here right now. I will say that if this level of crowdedness continues or worsens, many of the lines extend outside where there is no social distancing and no masks. Masks are not required to be put on until the official attraction entrance. Also, Main Street is absolutely packed well past 10:00 closing. I really want to see HEA one more time for example, but I’ve seen the crowd, and it is insanely packed with no masks.


Oh :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’m going in 6 days. I’m vaccinated, and I will wear a mask also outdoors where it is crowded. I do not want to become infected and risk infecting others, but even if vaccinated and I get a breakthrough infection, vaccination protects me from serious COVID.

I won’t cite all the data, but it is very solid.

But that is my comfort level – I know everyone has to determine her own.

But since you asked.


Agree. We are all vaccinated and living our lives close to normal now. COVID is here to stay. Like regular cold, it will be part of our lives.


@mousematt If it was me, I think I’d be a lot more worried about the flight than actually being in the world.
If I was able to bring myself to actually get on a transatlantic flight (or any flight really) I would likely be convinced that the damage was already done and therefore just get on with the holiday trying not to worry more.
I know you’re personally much more eager to do a trip than I will be for a while, so I think if you’re good with the flight, then the rest of the trip will be a skoosh for you.


I totally agree with you. I can avoid ppl in the world. But I can’t trapped in a plane :airplane: for hours. I’m more worried about my flight to Hawaii than being there


I read that at Disneyland, they are only requiring masks when you are literally indoors or on an attraction that goes partially indoors. This is different than when I was at WDW in May where they made you put on your mask on all attractions, including outdoor attractions and the outdoor portion of queues when you passed the “Fastpass / Standby wait” marquee.

So if I’m reading you right, is WDW back to their May protocols? Or are they more like Disneyland’s model as I described?


May protocols. Masks on as soon as official line begins regardless if inside or outside ride.

Edit to add the emphasis on “every” attraction. Even things like magic carpets and EE and Speedway…everything.


Ugh. I forgot about the flight.

Actually, flights. To save money (quite a lot of money) I’m flying via ATL.

Now across the Atlantic, I’ll be in the Upper Class cabin:

Individual little sections. Pretty socially distanced. Big old HEPA filter cleaning the air.

But ATL to MCO I’ll be in a more regular-looking plane, albeit at the front in First Class, which is more spaced-out.


I forgot about all the extra measures the airlines have taken to clean the air.

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Wow! That looks amazing!!!

That’s interesting too :+1:t2:

Recently I and my wife took Delta airlines from ND to MCO Fl. I should of took pictures inside the coach cabin. If you looked above the luggage bins you could literally see the cool air circulating. Little cold but they aren’t kidding when they talk about air recycling. They do spray down the cabins before every flight as well. We feel safe as can be. :sunglasses:


I last flew almost exactly a year ago when I went to DLP. The aircraft was so clean it looked brand-new. I remember in times gone by looking in the nooks and crannies and being totally disgusted by all the detritus in there.


When deciding on cancelling my Labor Day week trip (early September for the non Americans in the group). I thought about the exposure in enclosed spaces.

My favorite things about Disney are Country Bears, Carousel of Progress, Tiki Birds, American Adventure.

Sure my actual favorite attractions are Splash and Tower of Terror. But to me, a Disney trip isnt worth it- if I can’t do those shows. And even though I’m vaccinated, I know people will unmask in those shows and will likely sit right next to me and if some idiot decides to leave CoP early, I’m stuck staying inside that theater much longer than the regularly scheduled 20 minutes

So I had to cancel. Bummed, but it is what it is. My main fear was long covid, second fear was getting sick and testing positive and using up all my vacation time for quarantine. I can’t work from home. I’m an engineer for a major pharmaceutical company and someone has to go make the doughnuts (err, medicine).

Just some of things I thought about. Might help you decide.


This has a specific meaning for us who grew up in the US in the70s. Not what you mean here. But might help with your transatlantic flight.


Dr. Walensky (CDC) has repeatedly said that your behavior at your destination has a lot more to do with your travel risk level than the flight.


You cannot live your life in a bubble. There are ways to protect yourself and others at least at this point. Get vaccinated! Wear a mask when you know you should. Live your life even if there are risks. Life goes by too fast as it is so do thing stuff you want but take precautions when necessary. There will always be something and there is only so much life before it’s all gone. Live it to the max!


Because so many of the lines extend outdoors, the bad news is that you will spend so much more time outdoors in the heat than indoors. I loved the POTC queue as it’s so cold after waiting an hour in the sun for splash and 30 min in sun for BTMRR. But we still waited 10-15 min outside for POTC. The majority of our wait for FEA was outside too.

FYI - single rider lines were back when I was there in July.

I’ve been on a plane twice this summer - the planes are so clean now it’s crazy. On United, they give you a sanitizing wipe when you enter the plane.

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What’s the time of year we’re talking about? The crowd level in mid sept is going to vary widely from say, Thanksgiving weekend in Nov.