WDW at night?

What are your favourite things to see and do at night? We’ve only done the parks at night once per park, and then only fireworks, not rides and attractions or various other activities.

I like Tower of Terror at night. I feel like it loses a lot when the doors open and you see daylight. At night it keeps you in the experience more, in my opinion.


Big Thunder Mountain over… and over… It is even better in the dark!

  • walk from HS to Boardwalk to Epcot (stopping at BW to see magic show and grab some food).
  • Kiss Goodnight
  • Electrical Pageant
  • Stroll around Pandora
  • Photography
  • Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (unique views)
  • Walk to Contemporary
  • Stroll around World Showcase with coffee as crowds empty out
  • enjoy an ice cream while staring at the castle

Jungle Cruise is a much different ride at night - slightly spooky and the animatronics are much more believable. Also love Splash Mountain at night - the views of the castle during some of the gentle parts are great. Pandora & Toy Story Land should be seen at night as well.

Overall I just love Magic Kingdom in the dark. The castle lit up, it’s a little cooler, the lines not so bad, just a really nice environment…


Oh yeah, be sure to get a picture at Epcot with Spaceship Earth lit up.


That reminds me

  • lit up sidewalk in Future World
  • catching monorail as it passes in front of the SSE

After your poll about the Kiss Goodnight, I was planning to watch it on our first night because MK was closing at 9 and I thought we’d manage that even with the time difference. Then it changed to 10pm closing, I don’t think we’ll make it and I’m gutted! Our other MK night is EMH, and even with a nap I’m not sure we’ll make it to the end.

You can doooo eeeet! I mean, it’s only an hour! :wink: Grab a coffee and you’ll be set! :smile:

(you can sleep when you’re dead!!)


Would that be this view?

(I didn’t post this to be helpful. I posted it to wind up @ryan1.)


Yes - at night with the castle lit I really love that view. It’s a shame @ryan1 can’t appreciate it more :speak_no_evil:

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We wake up at about 4am on our first morning! I may go back another night when we’re not supposed to be doing a park to watch it if I’ve got the energy.

In previous trips I’ve managed to stay awake until midnight or later Orlando time and then woken up at a reasonably sensible time on my first full day.

You’ll be sorry next time when, while trying to photograph one of the hidden Mickeys that the phone slips from your hand into the water, triggering the lithium ion battery to short just enough to set the scenery on fire. As you get off the ride, hundreds of riders will be trapped by the rising flames and smoke and many will die. As a result, you’ll be held on manslaughter charges.

Or, were you referring to the fact that they let a dog onto the ride?


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…is that supposed to impress me? :smiley:

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And will be famous. And for a Disney-related reason.



We would usually go to bed about 11 on our first night, but it makes no difference. And we are asleep on our feet for a good hour before that. We’re not night owls, we’re early birds.

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No, just explain why we get tired!


Hmm. If you are up at 4 am, and get tired as a result, what about the fact that in a few days, I leave for Florida by plane and have to get heading out of the house at 4 am to ensure we get through security, and land in Florida about 8 hours later…plus another 3 to wait for the shuttle, and another two to get up to Ocala (for a total of 13 hours travel time by plane versus 17 hours travel time by car). Will I experience horrific jet lag as a result? :wink:

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Jealous… my family needs to be out of the park by 4pm, in bed by 9. And still can’t get up and make RD most mornings. I’m saddled with lunatics. DD11 starts crying when she hears the Water Pageant, because they are disturbing her wind down to sleep time. She once got out of bed, opened the window, and asked them to be quiet.

This is why we don’t do nights, and why I made the OP. Vicarious fantasy.