Washington Dis Ney - a trip report

This topic has been dead for the last couple of years, so who knows if anyone will even see this, but here goes.

DD22, recent college graduate, is interning for a Congress Critter this summer and then hopes to get a job somewhere and stay for a while. I’m super excited to see where this adventure takes her!

Long story short, DD19 and I decided to fly out to see her this weekend (on like 3 days notice) and see some sights! In true Dis Ney fashion, I had to set my alarm this morning to try for a LL to the Holocaust Museum at 7:00 am. I grabbed a time, but couldn’t complete the transaction because it was gone. Grabbed another, same thing. Then they were all just gone. This Genie+ stuff sucks. :wink: Next drop is 8:45 am for a LL to the Washington Monument, only this one is in person not on the phone. Wish me luck!


Wait. You need to get tickets to the museum online and they were gone? Seriously? That’s terrible. Are they still doing weird Covid restrictions so fewer visitors? Or maybe it’s revenge travel?

That stinks. I hope you get the other one.


I’m not sure if this is covid or just because the museum is so popular. You can get tickets in advance but the earliest you could get today is June 29. We didn’t know we were coming until a few days ago! They release a limited number of same day tickets at 7:00 am. That’s what I was trying for tomorrow I’ll make the girls try too and see if we have better luck.

The tickets for the Washington Monument are to go up to the top. They cannot be reserved in advance but are given out first come first served in person each day. We’re hopeful for that one!


What a fabulous opportunity for her. Have a great weekend.


Oooo. Ok. That makes sense for the first one.

I hope you get to go up on the monument.

I’ve been to DC a few times prior to having kids. My kids have never been there or NYC. :woman_facepalming: But they’ve been to a ghost town in Oatman, AZ and Carhenge in NE. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s always been that way for the Holocaust museum. Even before stupid Covid. It’s popular.


I don’t think I could experience it myself. It’s literally stomach churning.


It is sobering. But worth it.


I’m not sure I can handle it either. But Carly just finished a writing/literature course based on the Holocaust so she really wants to do it.


This is what it looks like when you’re a little late rope dropping the Washington Monument.

Little glimpse of the White House.


Cool hotel mural.


I think I would look at as much as I could and then dip out. It’s an important museum to have.

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wow, I’ve never seen a line for the Wa Mon b4 like that… but the last time I was there it was closed bc of a crack caused by an earthquake… am I remembering correctly?

Wow. RD line :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Or Spiderman?


found it
I’m not crazy :laughing:


Well…. They can’t actually admit it was Spider-Man, can they?


:innocent: :joy: :rofl:

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I’m surprised your kids haven’t been to NYC when you’re from NY!

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I know, right!?
It was on our 2020 to do list.

DH was never interested. And I was always intimidated by the lack of ease to just drive and do. I’d finally figured out how to rent a house in NJ and take a ferry over, and then the virus.

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