Walk time question

It has the walk time from Dinosaur to FOP as one minute. I am not sure how far it really is (and google map isn’t helping). How do I fix this?

Thank you!!!

PS-just looked again and all walk times seem a bit off.

no access to your plan…but I would say that is WRONG. Do you have a break (without a specific) location in between?

You need to edit your plan and hit the button to publish it. That generates an url that will be written on the plan and contains something like ‘print id’. Copy and paste that url here.

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Hope this works! Thanks…I just learned something new…

yea - can’t help unless you publish. I’ve not had issues with walk times unless I have a break with no specific location - and that’s not really a problem it just says 1 minute to next location from the break (it doesn’t know where you will be). What I have issues with is wait times before some shows - it may tell me my wait is 5 minutes, but next show start is actually 10 minutes after arrival time

Sorry, still no access. Go to edit your plan and at the bottom, check “publish” then go back to your plan and it will say at top. See mine below has print id

This plan is published.
Share this link with anyone you want to view this plan:


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Well crud…I guess I didn’t learn something! Well, I actually did becasue I did have steps put in as a break…and of course it doesn’t know where I am. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

I will look at again and see if I can work things out.

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Click edit here

In the box that opens, click the publish tick box here and save it

It takes you back to the plan. Copy and paste the url that it gives you - not the url of the website

Thank you!!!:hugs:

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Sorry, but I think walk time is closer to 25 min, they’re on opposite sides of the park!
Traveling to another planet takes a while! :wink:

The walk time to the next attraction is at the end so it’s saying 11 mins from Dino to FOP. Sounds about right. Slow down the walking speed to Relaxed or Very Relaxed for it to use longer.

Thanks…I think I might have looked at it all wrong…I kept adding and taking attractions away…

I will redo and see what times look like! I appreciate the help here!!

yes you did learn - it takes time getting used to this tool

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