Are these wait times realistic?

We are going to Universal for the first time in June. Our dates in the park will be June 10-11. I customized the 2 park/2 day touring plan for Universal and I am very surprised at these wait times. We will not have Universal Express, so we’ll be doing stand-by for everything. I know people say Universal is not as busy as Disney, but these seem almost too good to be true for June.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket - Arrival 9:17 - Wait time 4 minutes
Revenge of the Mummy - Arrival 9:30 - Wait time 4 minutes
Flight of the Hippogriff - Arrival 6:38 - Wait time 16 minutes

The longest it has us waiting for anything is the Minions ride at 8:37 am, 23 minute wait.

So, are these realistic?? Or will I get to the park and be shocked at how off our touring plan is?

What’s the crowd level? Can you publish your plan?

If you don’t know how to publish, I did a screen shot guide in this thread - about half way through. Walk time question

Probably. We were there this week and between opening and 10:30am wait times for everything were less than 15min.

I was at Universal in June 19-22, 2017 (Touring Plan CLs 5-7) and the standby wait times were quite reasonable. Forbidden Journey was posted 45 at 3 pm. Gringotts was maybe a 30 minute wait in the morning and basically a walk-on after 6 pm. Mummy was 20 minutes at 10:30 am. Jurassic Park River Adventure’s line was so short around 4:30 pm that they let everyone through the Express queue. Hulk, Rip Rockit, King Kong and Minions had waits of 60 minutes or more mid-day, but that was it. The weather was actually really nice when we were there. In the 90s, but dry (for FL) and no rain storms so the low waits were not the result of storms clearing out the park.

edited to add: I just checked the CLs for your dates. They are 6s and 7s same as my June 2017 trip. The one thing that could increase wait times, particularly in WWoHP areas, is the opening on June 13th of Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure (new themed coaster in Hogsmeade). Potter fans may be likely to make vacations that week and there will probably be bloggers hanging around hoping for technical dress rehearsals.

I was also there September 14-17, 2018 (CL 3-4) and the wait times were very low. Hulk was 25 minutes midday. Forbidden Journey was 15.


I am such a Universal convert after this trip. It’s superior is so many ways to WDW and we were so happy with it. I hope you have fun!


Crowd levels are 6’s. Here are the plans. Sorry for so many links, but that’s how the plans are set up.

Day 1/Part 1 (at USF) -
Day 1/Part 2 (at IOA) -
Day 2/Part 1 (at IOA, except USF has Early Entry so we will start there at 8, then take the 1st Hogwart’s Express to IOA) -
Day 2/Part 2 (at USF) -

The last one I’m not 100% sure how it will work b/c Touring Plans wouldn’t let me optimize the plan without a Virtual Line time for Jimmy Fallon, so I just added in a “Jimmy Fallon break”.

If Minions is open during early admission, I would recommend doing Minions before Gringotts. You have to walk right past it anyway, and that line tends to build quickly. But I can’t remember if it is currently part of the early admission rides.


We’ve got CL7-8 but we do have Express pass and most of those waits are shorter than ours. I’m not sure I do trust them. But it seems like everyone else does so :woman_shrugging:

Thanks everyone. I’m sure I’ll re-optimize before our trip so maybe the wait times will change. As for now, I’ll just cross my fingers they are accurate!

Not sure about the wait times, but I saw that you plan on doing Ollivanders at end of day 2. If you plan on buying an interactive wand you may want to move Ollivanders to the 1st day so that there is time to use it at all the fun interactive wand spots.


I agree with this strategy.

UOR’s website currently lists Minions as an Early Entry attraction as does Touring Plans. I put it first in my TP for EE at USF before Gringotts.