Wait time for shows at HS

First time family trip, thus first time at the Studios.

My current HS TP has us showing up for every show but Fantasmic (Disney Jr, For the 1st Time, Beauty, Voyage of the LM, Indy and Jedi) only 5-10 minutes before each show’s start time.

Are these arrival times realistic?

Thanks for the insight.

Never done DJ, so can’t comment on that one. Unless the parks are very crowded, 5-10 should be fine for LM. BatB and IJ I would personally give more like 15-20; perhaps a little longer if you want your choice of seats (LARGE theaters). If all you’re doing is watching JTA, then 5-10 min is probably fine.

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That’s probably the latest to get there.

For Indiana Jones, I’d line up about 1/2 hour prior to showtime. All the shows have good seating/viewing. I was in the back with my son a few years back for Disney Junior and he still saw it all and had a great time. For voyage, I saw it for the first time in August and I was located off to the side. It was OK. might want a bit more time if you want more toward the center.

For the Jedi Training, if you’ve signed up earlier in the day (read: IMMEDIATELY after rope drop), they instruct you to get there 1/2 hour before the show for the kids to prep. If you’re just going to watch the show and not be involved, you can just get there to watch.

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Crowd Level = 8 the day we’re scheduled to be there (T’giving week).

My girls are probably not interested in being IN Jedi. Just watching. May need to cut a show in order to prioritize the ones they’ll love.

Now the question: 3 girls (2,6,8) what to cut and what to prioritize!

Here’s the link to my HS plan for the day if anyone cares to glance: Day 2: Hollywood Studios

If they’re not into Star Wars, I’d skip just watching JTA. Also, I’d skip the Honey I Shrunk the Kids unless YOU need the break.

Also, how fast do you have your walking speed?

Thanks @DarthDopey.

On all our TPs I set walking speed to “relaxed.” We have 3 young girls that don’t know the meaning of hurry. It’s like herding cats. I’d rather have a minute or 2 too much time than be rushed from attraction to attraction.


That’s good. That’s what I was going to recommend.

Also, I didn’t see a dinner or snack break before fantasmic. Might want to sneak one in there. Even though it’s a late lunch, I’ve often found that after 5 hours, I’m needed a little pick me up. I little stop somewhere might not be a bad idea. Fantasmic also has a concession stand, if that was your plan.

Good to note. Grab snack and then grab seat. Invaluable advice for this newbie.

@DarthDopey, Other thoughts on HS attractions we could skip?
They’re moderately into Star Wars, which is why I want to at least do Star Tours.
The HISTKids time will give us time to at least wander through Osborne Lights. Me might sub some time in the snow exhibit at Oaken’s Trading Post instead of that.

You’re fine walking in to Disney Junior and the first Frozen. I doubt those will be near capacity. You should also be good for BATB with 9 minutes lead time.

Indy is the interesting one to me. 3 minutes might not be enough time there.

The warning message you’re getting back about not having enough time to see everything, is misleading. It should be phrased to say that the arrival times are cutting it close. Have you run Optimize or Evaluate on those plans? And do you mind if I run Optimize on it?

I would do the Lights over HISTK. If you can be at the lights before they go on around 6, I recommend it. I hear it’s awesome to see them go on.

Star Tours is a a must then if they are moderately into ST. Also, the Tatooine Traders shop as you exit the ride has make your own droids. That could take some time too (if you so desire and the kids are into it).

Otherwise, it’s a great plan.

@Lentesta wants to Optimize my plan?! Ha! Optimize away my friend. Optimize away.

To answer your question: I’ve Optimized and massaged this plan multiple times over the past couple of weeks, even shortening up our break time slightly so that our early dinner/late lunch doesn’t cut into Beauty.

A couple of personal notes that don’t automatically show up in the plan:

-I have 3 young girls that love Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid, etc. We have to do those.
-The thrill rides I have listed late at night I’ll probably ride by myself (Pregnant wife, young girls)
-I cut Osborne Lights because I couldn’t imagine “waiting” for it, but want to at least walk through it, which just walking over to the Streets of America will let us do, right?
-I don’t have playing at Oaken’s Frozen Snowground listed (it wasn’t an option when I 1st picked this plan) but the kids will probably want to do this over HISTK.
-I added a “break” step to give us 30 extra minutes to get ready for Fantasmic because the plan only put us there 15 min early and the Unofficial Guide said leave much more time than that.

Thanks Len.

Thanks @DarthDopey. You’ve been a lot of help.

you’re welcome. You’ll have a great time!!

Although it’s my personal favorite, for your DDs I would think Indy might be the least interesting. DJ, LM, and BatB sould be on your “must do” list.

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If you plan on attending the early/only Fantasmic show, and don’t have a dining package, you need to be there 45-60 min prior to show time and deal with the cattle pen holding area, and then the cold, hard metal benches and possibly the worst music in any Disney park. The show itself is very good, but be prepared for DDs to find parts of it very scarey…

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I cut the Jedi Training (seemed to be the one the girls would be the least interested in) and added some time at Wandering Oaken’s, since they will most likely think this is the coolest.
New plan gives us a little more wiggle room, but still puts us at Indy really close:

Thanks @bswan26. We’re planning the later Fantasmic show, but given that it’s a CL 8 day at HS, still want to leave at least 45 min for our time.

I decided to keep Indy but cut the Jedi Training. I can switch that if I need.