Visiting Boardwalk area

The boardwalk is the one part of disney I have never been. I was thinking it would be nice to book dinner at beaches and cream and check it out. It’s probably going to be a 6 night trip with a lot of things to cram in. Is it worth it to give up a whole night? Is there anything to do besides a few stores? There will be 8 of us ranging in age from 6 to 60.

I may be in the minority on this, but we were disappointed in Beaches and Cream. If you don’t have it in your schedule, I would rather do an evening at Disney Springs. There are so many good places to eat. So many places to shop, too.

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Beaches and Cream is a soda / ice cream shop that also offers sandwiches and definitely would not take a whole evening. Is this the type of dining you are looking for?

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It’s the whole BW area they want to spend the evening exploring.

Our last two trips we’ve stayed at the Boardwalk Inn and the Beach Club. We stay there because it’s so close to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Otherwise, I don’t think I would personally go the Boardwalk. Beaches & Cream does have good sundaes, but that doesn’t take all night. The bakery is good, but not anything you can’t get at any of the other WDW bakeries.

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What are the ages in your group?

Jelly rolls on the Boardwalk is fun, but everyone needs to be 21+ to enter.

There’s also the Magic themed bar, which I can never spell - I think it’s abracadabar or something! Not sure if age limit applies there.

There was also entertainment on the Boardwalk, but I wonder if they will be back anytime soon; all entertainers had their contracts ended.

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I will often spend some time walking the boardwalk when I stay at one of the resorts, but never more than 60-90 minutes. For ice cream, I prefer Ample Hills on the boardwalk (homemade rather than the supermarket brand at Beaches and Cream). Beaches and cream would be a cheaper meal, if you were looking for value (compared to other table service meals in those resorts).


You could add in some time for checking out the hotel lobbies and grounds. The Boardwalk’s lobby is one of my favorites.

Abracadabar is all ages until 8pm. It’s wonderfully themed but the cast members don’t do any magic tricks with the drinks (this was idea when the lounge first opened but it didn’t stick).

There are surrey bike rentals. Your group could rent a pontoon and ride along Crescent Lake (HS to EP). There are boardwalk games, movies on the lawns, and the entertainers (juggling/slight of hand).

If the weather is agreeable, you could make an evening of it.

If you are a group that likes to visit other resorts, then maybe worth the trip. Another idea would be to pop over during your Epcot or Hollywood Studios day (particularly if you don’t like your food options at DHS - I don’t). It is prettier at night, maybe walk over after fireworks to get a drink or get ice cream.


With 6 nights… meh.
Listen, I like to stay at an Epcot Area resort. I love the area, and the resorts are walking distance to 2 parks, and they have the boats running between those two parks and all of the resorts are connected by walking paths

The Boardwalk itself isn’t that big, and it’s not a big entertainment hub compared to what I thought it would be. There’s a few restaurants, one or two bars, Ice Cream (Ample Hills is FANTASTIC,) a convenience store, and the Boardwalk Bakery (more sizzle than steak, imo.)

There’s the bike rentals, you might catch a street show if you’re around at the right time. You can go for a boat ride around the lake for free on a Friendship boat.

I would never talk you out of it, but…
I would go to Beaches and Cream on an Epcot or Hollywood day. OR, I’d hit Ample Hills on an Epcot or Hollywood day. I wouldn’t try to plan some “evening” on the Boardwalk. I’d consider it a little diversion for ice cream, or a walk after a closeby meal, or a walkthrough on your way to/from Epcot and Hollyweird.

Example: A meal somewhere in WS, then slip out the International Gateway, and hit Ample Hills for ice cream. Walk around the Boardwalk with your ice cream, maybe grab something at the bakery as well.

If you have hoppers, you can slip out of the IG, grab ice cream, walk around for a few min, then hop on a boat to Hollyweird. OR, grab a bot from Hollyweird to the BW, look around for a while, then walk over to Epcot.

If you are planning a multi-hour excursion for entertainment alone (outside of a meal) on the BW, you might find it lacking.


We stayed at the Boardwalk last time, loved it, and will go back. But I completely agree with you- it’s a relaxing stroll if you happen to be around, but not a destination. That’s why I like it there- it’s quiet.

(Except for Jellyrolls, which is a riot, but a 6 yo can’t go there).


If you’re looking for a full restaurant in the Boardwalk area, probably the best restaurant is Flying Fish. It’s expensive, there’s a dress code, but it was probably one of best meals we’ve ever had at Disney. (Right @hmbhmbhmb?) We originally planned to stop at Ample Hills for desert but we were both too full.


I completely agree.

This is what I would consider. Worth a stop I think, but I personally wouldn’t go out of my way to go there

One night, after a long trip, we were at the IG after Illuminations. I didn’t k how there were no buses out that way, I only vaguely remembered liner recommending that exit. My DD was cashed and I was like “we can leave right here!”

I quickly realized there was a problem, so we hopped on a boat (which happened to be there). Pulling into that boardwalk area was as magical to me as an adult as the first time I rode the monorail as a kid into the contemporary (early 80’s). We hopped out at boardwalk and took a Minnie Van back.

I will always reccomend the boardwalk area at night. I think it is just lovely. Plan for dinner or drinks on tour Epcot day!


Thanks everyone. I think maybe will go on our HS day. I’m thinking rope drop then hotel for a break. Dinner at beaches and back to HS for fantasmic. Maybe one day I will get a date night at the boardwalk with dinner at flying fish. No way I’m bringing my boys there!

If we are staying coronado what would be the best way to get to boardwalk? 8 of us so I think we would need 2 uber’s. Would like to take the boat to HS after. Anyone know how long that takes?

Two Ubers or bus to HS and then boat, walk, or skyliner. Boat drops you off at YC.

The Friendship Boat used to have a stop on the Boardwalk. Maybe it doesn’t anymore?

It does but for Beaches and Cream I would get out at YC?


Cheapest would be bus from Coronado to HS, then walk or boat from HS to BW. If the line for the boat looks like you might not make it on the first boat, then walking would be faster than waiting on the next boat. General rule of thumb for the Friendship boats from HS: if the queue for the boat reaches the concrete, rounded walkway, you might not be making it on the next boat. The show up every 15 min (or so) and the walk to BW would be like 15 ish minutes. If you add the wait time for the next boat + the travel time…the boats are nice (not air conditioned) but a nice SLOW ride through the lake. I think you could assume 15-20 minutes to get from HS to the BW stop. It’s not far or anything, the boats are just slow and leisurely, and there’s the whole safety protocol for docking / boarding / unboarding.

Quickest would be two Ubers.

For the time question of the boats TO HS:
From BC/YC, assume 25 minutes from once you board. You might have to wait a lil for a boat to show up. If you go out to the boarding area, and you see that you’ve JUST missed a boat going to HS, from BC/YC, you would probably be able to easily catch that same boat at Swan/Dolphin if you walked over. If you just missed a boat from BW, then just walk straight to Hollyweird from BW. I think HS to EP with all stops in between, the boat is close to 30 minutes total.

My memory is shady, but I think it have the stops correct:
EP to BC/YC, then Bw, then Swolphin, then HS.
From HS is just reversed.