Villas at DL Hotel opens September 2023

An opening date for VDH (?) has been given on the Disney Parks blog. Plus a first look at the rooms.

Duo studios themed to The Jungle Book
Studios (sleeps 4) themed to Sleeping Beauty or Tiana
1&2 beds themed to Fantasia or Tiana
GV themed to Bambi, Frozen and Moana.

Must admit, I’m not too keen on all these different themes.

It opens in September, with bookings opening in March.

DVC Members booking opens March 15th (via Member Services)
DL Magic Key holders booking opens March 16th
Public bookings open March 17th.

Which means it surely must be soon that we hear about the sales details - price, restrictions etc.



I would also like to see point charts.


I don’t know what it is exactly but they have a very cheap, generic feel to me. I don’t like 'em. I wouldn’t stay in anything under a 1-bedroom unless it was just me and hubby based on the sizes of those smaller rooms in the photos.

I figured it out…they look like dorm rooms.

So seemingly the Insider Magic email, which they won’t send to me, says these are cash bookings for members.

Is that how Riviera started? I realise the cash bookings will be for the undeclared rooms but surely they should be announcing sales details soon?

But the balcony areas look nice. That’s about it unless you’re getting a suite and then they look alright. But the duo and studio just no…

The DVC site now has a link to the Disney Parks blog article.

But nothing else, and it isn’t on the home page, which is weird. You’d think they’d want to advertise this loudly.

Maybe they want more time to move the other available properties? I caught that too on the parks blog and thought it was strange.

I received an email: