Villain after Hours tickets... gone

My villains tickets disappeared today for May 22
I’m looking for some news on this but I can’t find any
Can my trusted Disney experts here shed some light?

Uh oh… I don’t like the sound of that…

Things seem to be slowly going away in May. I think if Disney expects to be open in May, it will be with VERY limited staff, which would mean all extras are likely going to be cancelled.

I need to check on my AK DAH tickets, actually. Those are for May 16.

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As of right now, they are still there. I’m not expecting them to be there much longer, though.

I think it’s reflective of the event being cancelled.

I think you can expect a refund to be automatically processed, but if you would feel better calling that might help you feel reassured


I searched online for some kind of news or notice
Is that typical? Or am I missing where to look

I think nothing is typical right now.

But I agree with @ryan1 that if they are open by then (and I would not at all count on it) it will be very severely scaled back from normal operations, such that supporting an extra event would not be feasible


Ok thanks friends :blush:

Our “pleasure” (in quotes because there is nothing pleasurable about this :frowning: )


No kidding.

I’m trying to make tentative plans for June without AK DAH and it is proving to be a thorn in my flesh. We LOVED being able to do AK DAH, and now… :frowning:

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Out of curiosity…did you notice this only after logging into MDE, or did you receive an email?

I just looked and ours for late-April are gone as well. No notification, but I did take a look at my Disney Gift Cards and there was more money on there than I expected- now I know why.

But my resort reservation for April is still showing

I received nothing
I noticed it was missing on my MDE
Is your AK DAH still there still

I wonder if anyone else planning on May DVAH had this happen to them

At the moment it is still there. But I fully expect it to go away.

Having said that, I can see how a VAH event to be cancelled due to how heavily it would depend upon cast members playing the characters, plus the parade I believe. When Disney does reopen, I think parades and face character M&Gs will be gone for a while.

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I can share that DVC moonlight madness events have been cancelled through April 11

Sounds like they are getting to cancelling them in chronological order

What perplexed me most was that it was a May 22 event… not April

It’s just like Marty McFly’s brother and sister in the photograph from Back to Future…I blame time travelers! :smiley:


But they came back…
And even better!!

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Mine for 4/17 disappeared as well.

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They’re probably doing all this sort of thing on the down low. If they make an announcement, then it has ripple effects. Quietly doing it little by little doesn’t draw any attention (except places like here :slightly_smiling_face:).