UT Tickets for Universal?

Hi. I am a novice for Universal. I can’t seem to price out a package on Universal’s website that has the 2 park 2 day tickets in it. It keeps giving me the 3 park 2 day tickets, which are more expensive. I am trying to compare Universal’s package price to the price of just reserving the room through Universal and buying the tickets through UT. I have purchased WDW tickets from UT in the past, so I know how to link them to MDE, but how does this work for Universal? Should I choose mailed tickets or E-tickets? There is nothing like MDE for Universal, right? @missoverexcited , can you help me understand this process?

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There is a time difference and @missoverexcited will be delayed but does this link help?


I always just print out my orders.

Thank you! I wasn’t sure you would respond on the Universal forum! Yes, I just got off the phone with Universal. You cannot just change the 3 park tickets to the 2 park tickets. You actually have to add the 2 park tickets to the package, which overinflates the price. Then you go to checkout and delete the 3 park tickets! (Crazy!) Now the price for the Universal package is not terribly different from reserving the room through Universal and buying the park tickets from UT. While I have you here, Royal Pacific is going to be undergoing lobby renovations while we are there (only for one night). Would that deter you from staying there? The other 2 hotels will be about $75 more. Also, would you have any hesitation about getting your Universal tickets from UT? Would you get mailed or e-tickets? Sorry for so many questions today!

I am going to tag @rebeecky here too since she is the liner I rely on. I just looked up the renovation and it would not stop me from booking RP! I always just buy direct from Universal but UT is a great choice.

There is an Universal app but I think I only really used it at Volcano Bay.


Thanks, @PrincipalTinker! I have always bought my tickets from UT, except for my first trip when I didn’t know any better and bought a package through Universal. UT has always had a better deal and I have done both mailed and emailed tickets in the past. I have never had a problem with either. If only the lobby is undergoing renovations at RP, I would still stay there. I imagine the actual interference would be minimal, and the cost savings would make it worth it to me.


Sorry, I was in bed! I see you’ve got your answers now but I will just add that I always book wherever is cheapest - I don’t have either my room or tickets from Universal direct, though I’m still hoping there will be an AP discount in which case I’m buying one and I’ll cancel my current room booking.

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Don’t forget to check the hotel price directly on the hotel website. I found that cheapest this time.

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Yes, I usually have an AP so I have used that discount or I have booked 4 nights. This trip my sister wants to get a Universal package but the tickets seem to be the same as UT.

We also buy Universal tickets from UT. And if you are doing both Universal and WDW, UT will apply an additional savings…a few dollars per ticket. Every little bit helps…me to spend more money elsewhere!


Thanks everyone! I will try to find this answer myself, but I am guessing if we only plan to spend one night at Universal, the AP discount would not be enough to justify the cost?

Honestly, it depends on the level of AP you are looking at purchasing. The 2 park Seasonal AP costs the same as a 2park 3 day ticket ($304.99 before tax). You can purchase a 2 day plus 1 day free for $281.17 from a Undercover Tourist. Depending on where you are staying, the AP discount might be worth it. It saved me about $100/night when I stayed at Portifino Bay and around $75/night at Royal Pacific.

Edit: oh, and I should mention, you should be able to bridge the 2 day plus 1 day free from UT to an AP for free or a very minimal charge. When I purchased my Premier AP in March, I used this ticket and received $304.99 in credit towards the purchase cost of the Premier AP. I will be bridging 2 more of these tickets in 2 weeks to the seasonal pass and will let you know how it goes.


Can I ask, what is UT?

Undercover Tourist


Thank you. So, were you able to do the bridging then before you booked the room? You didn’t have to wait until you went to the park? How did you find out how much the AP was going to save you on the room?

Is there any $ benefit to bridging if I haven’t purchased my Universal tickets yet? I mean, if I just buy a seasonal AP from Universal, it would be a lot easier. Right now (today), the seasonal AP price (excluding tax) is $269.99. The Universal price for the 2 park, 2 day+3 days free ticket is $284.99. The pre-tax UT price for that same ticket is $254.41. When you bridge, do they credit you for what you actually paid, or for the Universal price?

Edit: On Universal’s website, I was looking at the Florida resident AP price. The non-resident AP price is $304.99. That makes more sense.

I don’t know the answer to your bridging question, as I forgot how mine turned out, but I will tell you that all UT ticket prices include tax, so $254.41 is your total cost. I think I have heard that people are being credited what they actually paid. Last year, I had a buy two days, get two free ticket and I got the adult Seasonal Pass for no additional charge at the hotel. It cost me $10 to upgrade my child ticket to a Seasonal Pass.

I didn’t do the bridging until after I arrived at the parks. You can go ahead and book the annual pass holder rate before actually having the annual pass in hand, you just need it when you check in. All of the onsite hotels have ticket counters where you can upgrade your tickets to an AP before going to the parks or even checking in at the hotel front desk.

Since you can see the annual pass holder rates when booking, that allows you to see how much you might save.

First question - are you a Florida Resident? If you are a Florida Resident then it would be cheaper for you to go ahead and purchase the AP straight from Universal. The AP won’t be activated until you enter the park the first time.

The Florida Resident costs (pre-tax) for the APs are:
Seasonal - $269.99
Power - $319.99
Preferred - $359.99
Premier - $509.99

The non Florida Resident costs (pre-tax) are:
Seasonal: $304.99
Power: $354.99
Preferred: $394.99
Premier: $559.99

As @rebeecky said, the $254.41 from Undercover Tourist includes tax, so there is a cost savings there compared to purchasing from Universal. It’s my understanding that you will get credit for the pre-tax amount that you paid of the Universal price ($284.99), but with this promo ticket you only get credit for a 2 day not a 5 day ticket.

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I didn’t realize I hadn’t added it to this thread, but I created a spreadsheet that calculates how much it should cost (and how much you’ll save) to upgrade to the different Universal APs. You can access it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11ZgFaz9aoDS4sANd3ANAFDNVYOVS-m57zCRIvDudBzc/edit?usp=drivesdk

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Thank you so much!

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