UT Tickets for Universal?


No, I am not a Florida resident. Thank you. I was mixed up, so I edited my post. I was looking at the Florida resident prices. (I find the Universal website to be so confusing. When you click through the menus, it automatically brings up the Florida resident price for the AP and that’s what I was previously looking at…)
Anyway, the UT price for the 2 Park, 2 Days + 3Days ticket WITH tax is $270.95 vs. $324.82 (with tax) for the non-FL resident AP for a difference of $53.87. The AP discount on the room I am looking at is $100/night (excluding tax), so I purchased one AP and booked the room with the AP discount. Thanks everyone for your help!


I’m not sure if I am reading your spreadsheet correctly, but I think you have the before tax price in there for the UT 2 Park/2 Day ticket. (without tax $254.41, with tax $270.95) Am I wrong? I’m sorry if I mislead you in my earlier post!


Glad to be of help. I find the Universal webpage to be incredibly frustrating and it isn’t already clear, so no worries :smiley:


For the spreadsheet you put in the cost of the ticket (including tax) and it will determine your savings & cost to upgrade to the different APs.

Undercover Tourist just recently (within the last 2 weeks) started listing their pre-tax ticket prices, which I think is what confused me a little. I just put in the number you listed in your post rather than checking the cost on the UT website. I anticipate that the UT prices will be going up as Universal just raised their gate prices (though prices on the website have not changed, unless they did so in the past week!).

Congrats on your AP!


Thank you! Just so I understand your spreadsheet, are you saying that you can buy your park tickets from UT at a discounted price, and Universal will convert them at the Universal price? (Similar to the ticket to AP bridging process at WDW?) I thought Universal would convert the tickets and give you credit only for what you actually paid, eliminating the potential savings from buying through a discount ticket seller? Have you actually done a Universal ticket conversion with discounted tickets, and did they convert at the discounted price you paid or at the Universal price? (Although I purchased my AP today so that I could book the room with the AP discount, I am trying to decide if I want to get the AP’s for the rest of my family as well.) Thanks!


Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying, but you only get the maximum savings with a non-Universal promotional ticket. And I did this recently.

On March 12, I purchased a 2 park buy 2 days get 1 extra day park to park ticket from Undercover Tourist for $280.17 by using a mousesavers link (current cost on the UT website is $281.17). The top one in the following screen shot.

The ticket I received was a 2 park 3 day park to park ticket (see photo below)

On March 29 I upgraded the 2 park 3 day ticket to a Premier Annual Pass. I received credit for a 3 day online purchase ticket of $304.99, leaving an upgrade cost of $255.00 before tax. After tax my upgrade cost was $271.58 (see receipt photo below)

So I paid $551.75 including tax for an AP which costs $596.39 including tax for a savings of $44.64.


Ok, thank you for the detailed explanation! I was not sure about the credit given for the conversion. As of yesterday, I believed Universal would only credit me for the price I paid for the ticket, so I figured there was no advantage to buying a ticket and later converting. Now I realize I should have waited! (But the AP discount rooms at HRH were based on availability, and I was worried about getting it booked before it disappeared.) I appreciate all of the time you have spent helping me to understand this process!


Believe me, I understand the confusion! When I was trying to figure this out back in February there were 2 comments posted on chat that helped me to understand it better. Both were made by @Belle04 . The first was:

“If it’s a promo that Uni is selling the tickets reflect that when bought from UT. But if you find a ticket that only UT is selling like buy 4 get 5th day free then that is truly a 5 day ticket so you should get full value for all days when upgrading.”

The second was: “I read that on the Uni FB page, but makes sense to me - I know the promo tix actually say promo on them. Think the other kind is just UT giving away a day on its own since it doesn’t match a special Uni offers.”

I don’t think you made a bad decision to go ahead and purchase the AP from Universal, as you will receive the benefit of the AP discount on your room, and have the peace of mind of having the AP in hand when you check in. But if you do choose to upgrade your family’s tickets then you can receive a substantial cost savings by bridging tickets from UT.