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I am checking in on Sept 11 and have called the hotel directly to try and get one of a few hand-picked rooms. I saw that you all have a room request system, I was curious, what percentage hit rate is there when we do the service through you? I would like an odd # room on floor 10,11,12 north end of tower. (it is a MK view).
Specifically rooms: 4847, 4747, 4647, 4845, 4745, 4645

It’s not really a recordable percentage nor is it really any different than what you make on Disney’s own site (it’s just more detailed). Too many factors go into it and it still comes down to availability on the day you check in. So whether you choose to do just TP’s or just disney’s or do both, you could end up having the same result.

Given the current state, though, I’d say you have a great shot of getting what you’re after.

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Not everyone reports back - most people don’t even know there’s a forum - but I think Len has said from the people who do about 2 thirds get their request. I think that’s a pretty good hit rate.

I personally have used it twice. The first time I got a room a couple of doors down from my request. The second time I requested just a building but for my parents to be in the same building. They referred to that request at the front desk (we are U.K. so have to collect MBs) and ended up upgrading us because they couldn’t get 2 standard view rooms in the same building. We ended up with river view.

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As others have said, regardless of how it is made, it is only a request. The more specific, the harder to meet it exactly.

You mention that your desired rooms are Theme Park View. Is that the category you booked? They are pretty clear on the request form on here that you should only request what you booked.

I’ve been the room next door to the one I had clicked on (I leave the prepopulated field as-is since it is in room assigner language), I’ve been in the building I requested (though on the opposite side), I’ve been in the section I requested though not the building, and I have been on the total opposite side of the resort.

As we have said, it is a request. It of course never hurts to request. But if you get it, consider it luck and pixie dust. No guarantees.

I think I’m one for my last three requests. In 2015 we landed a near perfect lagoon view at GF that was within a room or 2 of my request. It was glorious as we could see the castle through some trees - loved the fireworks and electric boat parade from the deck. 2018 we were nowhere close to our request at BC, although they did upgrade us from standard to a water view which may have totally changed things. 2019 at the Poly, I requested a standard view on one side of the main house and ended up on the other side - similar views of the monorail - no big deal really & I’d likely call it similar enough - maybe call it 1.5 out of 3…

I think it is certainly worth trying the Fax service. It is free - it sometimes works. If it does, it can be great. It matters more if you’re paying for a view - our 2 misses weren’t that big a deal as paid for standard view, and had a perfectly fine view in both cases.

Just remember that sometimes they won’t be able to meet your needs as if someone is already in all the rooms you request when they go to assign you, it’s not like they can bump them out just for you, but hopefully they can find you something similar. I would also highly suggest what you like about the rooms you’re requesting so that they can try to match if your requests are all full to up your odds of being happy.

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YES! But also keep it short and to the point. They don’t have time to read novels.

Also, avoid “negative requests” such as “No connecting room”. Or “Not on X floor” It is too easy for them to miss the no/not.

I try to limit my list to no more than 3, and I put them in order of priority. For example, when I was at Sports in a Preferred Room (booked so I was not asking for something I did not book and hoping they wouldn’t notice (yes, I have seen people admit they attempted that) when they were assigning rooms), my request was something like:

I am so excited to be coming back to Disney and staying at Sports for the first time! I have a Preferred Room and would like to make the following requests:
1st priority - Surfs Up Section
2nd priority - 3rd Floor
3rd priority - Corner Room
Thank you for all you to do make magic every day!!

I ended up 3rd Floor Surfs Up next to corner room.


Thank you all, Yes I did book a Tower room with Park view, I have spoken to a Cast member at the CR and will submit through TouringPlans as well. Guess it just cant hurt to ask more than once.

I will report back in Sept!!!

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Just make sure to keep the asks consistent so someone that saw both won’t be confused.

Good luck…

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