Using Disney gift cards

I just realized you can get $150 in gift cards for $146 and change at Sam’s. No stacking discounts. No store credits cards. No mathematical magic. Just buy the cards! So this is my question. Can I use them everywhere in WDW? We’ve used them before but just for shopping. What about tours like the Pirate Adventure cruise? Or gratuities on DDP meals? Anything operated by Disney?

Yes. You can use them in the Disney Store, to make deposits or payments toward your trip, meals (at Disney restaurants - I don’t think Raglan or other third party places take them), gratuities at restaurants, etc.

even the kiosks take them.

The “sorcery” about them is about doing the double dip to get a bigger discount on them.

Thank you! What do you mean by double dip? I know if you buy them using a target store card, etc you can get the store discount too but is there something I’m missing that does not involve getting another store credit card??

People are using serious strategy to get better discounts using their Target cards to get Disney GC’s.

That is some serious strategy! Nice to have all the “sorcery” worked out, and even diagramed, for easy use!!

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I know, right??!!

A few people recently had issues though. So be sure to check on it before you try it.

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Just did this last week! It’s actually 142.98 on the Sam’s website!

Ohhhhh! I can get this deal AND avoid Sam’s parking? YES!

Noting from above think you can use Disney GC at Raglan Road or at the very least charge to room and then pay with GC. Hope so any way that is what I am planning on doing