Upgrading tickets

Will be visiting Wdw as part of a baseball tournament package at Espns WWOS and will be getting a 3 day park hopper as part of our package. How should we go about a ticket upgrade?? Just go to the ticket booth before our 3 day ticket has expired?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Use one day of your pass. Then go to a ticket window some time on the second day and add whatever days you want to it.

I believe you want the one day spent to not afd more to the price of the ticket.

Liners back me up on this. I belive that if you buy tickets at undercover tourist or some other way and save some money, and you arrive at disney and upgrade your tickets before any use you will be charged the difference of days and the price you saved on gate prices.

That has been my understanding. I alos belive you need to have an unused day left on the pass befire you upgrade.

Your tickets will not be a special convention or group discount ticket- will they?

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Some of these package tickets are not upgradable when done via group bookings like this