Disney mailing to some people offering park hopper w/6 day myw base ticket

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A co-worker and a family member received a mailing for a upgrade offer to be able to add park hopper pass to a min. 6 day myw base ticket. It says to mention the code when booking. They are not going to Disney this year and one of them shared the code with me. Am I able to use that code to get the free park hopper added free to our package? The promo is good for the time that we are going July 27 - Aug. 3. We only have the 6 day base ticket. I was going to wait and see if we received the mailing also and call to see if we could use the code to get the promo. Just wonder if anyone knows anything about this? Thanks

You should be able to upgrade your ticket and/or add more days easily at any guest relations booth. Not sure if that can be done at your resort. But definitely do it before you 3 day pass expires. In the past we bought 5 day hoppers and decided we didn’t want to just lounge around the resort on the last day , so we added 1 more day. It was not an issue at all.
enjoy your trip!

Usually a code or “pin” that offers a discount can not be used by anyone other than the person it was sent to.

Thank you