Upgraded Magic Band Strategies

We are having a dickens of a time ordering the Magic Band upgrades for or resort stay. Either the ones we want are not listed at all or when we select them we are told that they are out of stock either when we select them or when we confirm the order. I’m sure everyone is having the same troubles. I’m hoping that the TP community will have some hints and tricks for actually getting the bands you want. Do new supplies drop at specific times? For those of you that managed to order the: what time did you do it?, how far out from your arrival date was it. I bet we could figure this out if we work together. This would be a great subject for a TP blog post.

I did it at around 8.30am in the UK (3.30am EST) on 23rd May. It was the day after they were first released. Our arrival day was 2nd August.

My semi-successful strategy.

  1. I added on a night before our stay so we got two sets of Magic Bands.
  2. I prioritized the kids MBs over bands for myself and H.
  3. I grabbed DS1’s first choice, one I like, a plain one for H, and a not really wanted but fine one for DS2.
  4. I then spent over a month refreshing every day with no luck and mounting frustration in search of MB set #2.
  5. I used Incognito browser windows to search every morning from 9am-10am as I heard that was the magic window.
  6. I gave up on DS2’s first choice (POC - I’ll just buy it) and went with his second choice (Sorcerer Mickey - which was also super hard to snag). I got it earlier this week along with another one for DS1 - Haunted Mansion wallpaper - and a Mickey Rainbow one for me (which was also super hard to get).

So I guess lots of flexibility and a lot of time until we leave?

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I’m leaning towards it being an MDE issue.

I had a Donald Duck in my cart but when I hit checkout, it came back unavailable. I just kept hitting checkout - checkout - checkout until all of a sudden it went through.

I’ve come up with a very successful strategy.

I’ve given up.


Thanks for the laugh, Matt. I needed it.

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My new strategy is not to worry about it. On our recent trip DS10’s, DH’s and my original (upgraded) bands all got lost because the things come open too easily. One moment they are on, the next they are gone. Disney was great about replacing them with plain bands since we were resort guests, but to me it’s not worth spending money on them until they redesign the band so that they stay on. A buckle perhaps? Meanwhile I plan to bring some small rubber bands next time.

There are actually MB sliders on Etsy to secure MBs. I have a bunch of colors (for easy MB coordination). I think I spent maybe $10.

Took 4 weeks and multiple 2nd and 3rd choices. We are still 5 months out. I found it was better on a computer versus phone or tablet and not using the app but the regular website.

I tried multiple times and experienced the same issues you mention.
It seemed the inventory would change almost at random during some of my attempts.
Four days ago I opened the page 6:15am (Pacific) and the stock was down to just plain bands.
An hour later my bands of choice (and several others) were listed and finally went through to purchase.
I think it’s down to luck at this point.
The bands shipped next day and arrive tomorrow- hopefully they will be the ones I ordered.
My advice is to just keep trying at random times throughout the day. Good Luck!

Getting AP Magic Band Upgrade…no easier. I wanted Flynn Rider, it wouldn’t let me check out. So I just got another Chris Evans Captain America as the one I used in in July is looking pretty worn due to sunscreen. (I’m in Canada, had it shipped to family in Texas)

I now do actually have a new strategy.

I’ve started a completely fresh MDE account. Obviously I can’t use it for any trips I’ve currently put into my existing MDE, but for the trip I’ve just booked for next summer, that’s where it’s going: the new account.

I think MDE accounts can get confused and there’s no way out once that happens. (Disney IT basically admitted this to me once.)

My evidence is twofold.

First, I remember an episode of Backside of Magic (paging @jeremy1002) in which one of the guys got a whole new MDE account set up and Disney actually transferred all his bookings one by one to the new account. I think in that case it was something to do with having too many MBs registered to the account.

Second, last year I set up an MDE for my dog so I could book two overlapping ADRs. I used my dog’s account to book Savi’s Workshop when my account just wouldn’t do it.

So I’m starting afresh from next year. Once my new booking is in, I’ll see how far I get with ordering a customised premium MB.


I think I’m going to be joining the checking regulary/randomly crowd. I got two I liked for DH’s and my Wine and Dine trip, but can’t end up with a set of 3 I think we’d all like for our family trip in October. May have to find one for the kiddo and then take whatever for us.

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New poster here! I can no longer even see the option to customize my bands anymore. When I click the ‘Choose Your Magic Bands’ link on My Plans page, it says the page is not working, not even a Stitch error message. Going through the magicband and cards page does not work either, only shows me ones from previous trips :frowning:

It did that to me for the whole of the first day. It will come back!

Our trip is coming up in 28 days and I tried for weeks to up grade our magic bands and got the same messages. It was stressing me out…I gave up and kept my 40.00.


Add me to the “gave up” club! I was tired of being disappointed every day, so once I got the only one I REALLY wanted (a Dory band for our 2 y/o who can’t even use it :joy:), I ordered plain ones for the rest of the family.

I have no advice for you except that it seemed completely random as to what was available at any given time (and if the order would even go through), and it’s been a relief to just be done with it. Also, be aware that once you lock in, you’ll need to immediately pay or the order options may disappear (VERY frustrating), so move quickly. They will also ship out quickly once you order and arrive in an unmarked box - you’ll need to keep an eye out!

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After weeks of trying, several times getting the 3 we wanted into my cart, but then not getting to the confirm message, I was wasting so much time and mental energy. One morning, the Star Wars band and the Halloween 2019 band were available for my DS and DH, so I ordered them with a plain one for me. As a reward, I am going to order the castle from the shop Disney site for myself. Maybe because I so generously took the plain one, I may order 2 for me.


It is good to remember that it is a $15 discount per band compared with Shop Disney.

Depending on how you feel about getting discounts from Disney and about spending time to spend less money, this might be very motivating or demotivating :yum:, but either way it is good to keep in mind.

It has been a few weeks and I cannot even chose my color. Our trip is not until January so I’ll keep trying!