Upgraded Magic Band Strategies

If you can’t even choose a plain one, that’s extra levels of rubbish!

I gave up and just picked the plain colored ones and ordered some cool decals on etsy!


I’ve been super lucky with magic bands upgrades. I’ve done it twice now. Just logged on picked the bands-and mine were just delivered last Tuesday. I’m sorry for your pain…

urg. I’ve been trying every morning for a while now and when I did see three I liked, two of them weren’t actually available! I think I have 18 days now to see if I like any. :frowning:

Hey, everyone, OP here. Thanks for all the replies, it is comforting, at least to know others are as frustrated as I.

This all seems a rather unmagical experience.

We haven’t given up but keep reminding ourselves that having basic Magic Bands will not lessen our fun at WDW very much at all. And our trip isn’t until January so there is still a chance we could luck upon an upgrade.

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OP here again. We finally got our MB upgrade to go though. It took months of trying at least once a day at all different times. It was about 1:15 PM Easter Time on a Friday. I hadn’t even seen the upgrade DS wanted for a week. Then it showed up and I was able to purchase it.

Unfortunately, the only advice I can offer is keep trying.

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