Updated SWGE predictions

I was reading about how SWGE over at Disneyland just isn’t seeing the kinds of crowds that Disney had expected. And, in fact, that there is suspicion that some changes Disney is doing (such as bringing back the Main Street Electrical Parade) is a way to draw in additional crowds.

Not to toot my own horn, but I kind of predicted this, although not for Disneyland, but for WDW.

This then leads to what it means for WDW. All the fears of the SWGE opening almost seemed to have scared far more people away than expected. A few months before it opened in Disneyland, the guys at DIS Unplugged did a show where they were noting that there was all kinds of availability still around the opening dates.

Now, when I look at a week or two out from opening of SWGE at WDW, there is all kinds of openings still. Not just the expensive rooms and mid-priced, but even the lower priced All Star Music rooms, etc. Granted, this is September we’re talking about, which is some of the lowest crowds of the year. But even so, I’m beginning to really believe even more than before that SWGE really isn’t going to be a huge deal.

I will add a caveat to this, however. The number of visitors to WDW far exceeds those who go to DLR, but SWGE is the same size in both locations, so you still will see long waits and heavy crowds for SWGE itself…but if you are avoiding that, I just gotta believe it will be fine.

I DO think the opening week itself might be an exception…but even then, I’m not sure based on room availability I’m seeing.

My prediction still is that we won’t see the TRUE crowd increase due to Star Wars fans until RotR opens.

Just my 2 cents.


I personally would love to see the same low crowd level phenomenon repeated at the opening of SW:GE at WDW. There are some nuances with the DLR opening that @Wahoohokie enlightened me to, such as the large number of APs that were/are blacked out there, that will make that opening different from the WDW opening. But the large room inventory seems to be a promising sign.

On the flip side, I had a more difficult time than usual booking ADRs for our late Sept trip, but that might be more a result of free dining.

I sure hope crowds at WDW are low so they bring this back to MK too!

Side note: I also have really been struggling creating TPs around the ridiculous EEMH at MK and AK. I’m an avid rope dropper and early riser, but I don’t think I’ll consistently be able to get the family up for 7 am RD! I wonder how the crowds between 7-9 am will be and what influence that’ll have on the crowd dynamics during the rest of the day!


Yeah… I agree. No RotR and the SWGE crowd hype is the reason I’ve delayed my next trip - I went late Spring this year. I priced out a room at All-Star music, 9/17 - 9/22, at $114 per night. I’ve seen Good Neighbor hotels for half of that on Priceline Express. I was so tempted to pull the trigger on this price, but I’m still holding out for the 50th and all the new attractions between now & then. (It is hard to do sometimes!)

Yes, this is true…however, the article I was reading actually mentioned this and how Disney has since lifted some of the restrictions, and they STILL aren’t seeing crowds pick up.


Just do both! :wink:

I’m not sure they can. They shipped all the “equipment” for the Electrical Parade to California some time ago. I think they plan to keep it there and dust it off every so often…which, unfortunately, means WDW likely won’t see it. A shame.

My DW says the same! However, I’ve mentioned it before on the forums, I’m planning out my ultimate dream / bucket list solo trip for 12 days at WDW. Any funds I spend now come out of that. I want to do at least one VIP tour - eyeing two of them, MVMCP - once definitely - maybe twice, eat / drink around World Showcase and as may TS as my stomach can handle!

So, if I take multiple trips between now & then it means something extra gets cut from my big trip.

(I’ve debated picking up a part time / weekend retail job for a few months just to be able take multiple trips between now & then - UUgggghhh WDW addiction is real!)


I remember that post. You may be right. But now that people are reading that DL has not seen huge crowds, maybe they will think the same will happen in Orlando … and so now a bunch of people will book Orlando trips hopping for lower than expected crownds and it will be packed! Who knows???


Hehe. Yeah. There’s definitely a danger there! :slight_smile:

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A shame indeed. DLR already has the better version of most MK rides, so why do they need to steal the electrical parade too?

It really is!!

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Hmm. I had a thought. You get a part time/weekend job working for Disney! :slight_smile:

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I have been struggling with this VERY MUCH as well! I think we will really just need to wait until we see the first few weeks of September in action to figure out what 7-9am will actually be like. For example, I still find it hard to believe that TSMM will have 30+ minute waits at 6:45am. And I worry that Peter Pan will be longer than 4 minutes that is currently showing at 7am.


Don’t think I haven’t thought about it!! I’ve worked in theme parks for many years. My DD goes off to college next year. Relocating / retiring to FL is one of my possible future plans.

Maybe. We were already booked (aiming for pre-Star Wars calm) but I’m hoping the Orlando opening is as calm as the Disneyland one. I do wonder how many people are making the same calculations as I am! It’s a giant black box.

I’m glad we’re gone before the EEEEEEMH start (the extra Es are all for Extra) because getting up that early consistently sounds kind of nuts. It will be interesting to see what it does to MK and AK crowd dynamics.

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I know I’m in a minority here, but I love the idea EEMH. I wake up at 5am - 5:30am most days. I’d much rather get up and going before the FL sun heats up and the throngs of slow pokes are even out of bed.


Same for me with our October trip. I’m not going to wake my kids up (ages 4 and 2) … they usually get up on their own around 6:45 which means we will arrive at MK around 7:45/8:00 am. I’m trying to tell myself it is what it is … and we will go in with a solid TP.

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I am going to WDW Sept 2-7 and visiting HS on the afternoon of Sept 2 and all day Sept 6. I will attempt to keep you posted on the crowds.


I love Early hours too!

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When are you going? I feel lucky (?) to be going at the very end of October so I can wait for lots of trip reports! DS4 and DS1!