Updated Recommendations to get from MCO to VGF

Looking to get to VGF this week with wife and looking to get an updated best recommendation. Flying in with two bags each and were prefer to avoid buses.

I define best is a combo of price, service and safety.


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Here is a 2023 thread of reviews:

Cheapest seems to be GearFusion or Florida Towncar (this is cash only). They have both been used by multiple posters here. They cost about the same as an Uber/Lyft (maybe a little more depending on time of day) but will meet you at luggage.

The other option is the Mears/Sunshine bus?


That thread is priceless. I refer to it on the regular

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I priced out Lyfts for us versus a rental car for our upcoming October trip (I do have Emerald Club membership with National and had a free day on there to use). For our needs it was about $60 more to rent the car with prepaid gas and we get free parking everywhere we’re going so I went ahead and did that for convenience (I also find it really simple to get a car with National when you are part of the free club cuz you can skip all the counters and walk straight to the car of your choice in that section and just hop in and go). But many times we have used Lyft when it was cheaper. I find Lyft to be cheaper in Orlando and Uber to be cheaper in Anaheim FYI. I have also used limo services as well and the only real issue with that I’ve ever had was one time we asked for a stretch limo and we got a bus. It was supposed to be a surprise for DD so I was a bit upset but it was comfortable nonetheless. Another time I asked for just an SUV and we got a stretch limo so it can go both ways! It was DD’s birthday so that was actually a nice suprise. You can’t really go wrong with car services, uber/lyft or renting a car. I’d just price 'em all out for how much you think you’ll need and pick the cheapest or if they are close like mine were the one you’d prefer.

This will be wife and a girlfriend at this point. Which service will meet them at Southwest baggage area and help them with their bags?

I think most if not all of the private car services listed in the link shared with you would do that.

Tiffany has been calling me once we land and then they give me directions to the private car pick up area once we have the bags. I used them in May and June - not sure if this is because it’s the new Terminal C or what.

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Yes my understanding is that they can stop in the private pick up area, park, and come in and help find you or help with bags. At least my driver did.

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