Updated opening times of HS and FPs

So they have updated the opening times for HS for March up till the 28th. I am really hoping to modify one of the FPs for the 8:00 hour. When does Disney usually release new FPs for time changes? Just trying to be proactive and ready because I am sure they will go fast.

Several different people have stated it took 5 days. I’ve seen that on a 2 different message boards.

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Thanks. Guess I will be stalking MDE for the next week… not new about that!

I think 5 days is rare. Usually 48-72 hours but there was a 12 hour drop a couple of months ago.

In January, they updated the FPPs the last Wednesday of the month, and announced the updated hours the Friday before that.

Two months ago, they updated hours the last non-holiday Wednesday of the month and dropped FPPs almost immediately afterwards

However, when they updated for early March, the FPPs dropped within 12 hours. I’m not sure what day of the week it was - if someone can help me out, if it was a Wednesday there might be enough data points to make a conclusion :slight_smile:

I hope it’s not a coincidence that next Wednesday is the last Wednesday of the month, and today is the Friday before that. A dependable update schedule from Disney is always appreciated!

There have been a couple of cases where they have dropped selected attractions in waves. Last year you could count on a Friday change in hours and a Saturday-Monday drop. I would never say it is five days and you should not start looking now. People checking the last drop are reporting it was 5 hours (not days).

@veltrij21, check frequently- not next week!

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There are reports of 9:30-10 drops!

Can confirm that TSM 8-9am interval has dropped for the week of 3/14-3/21 right now. Didn’t see anything for MMRR, SDD or MFSR, unfortunately.

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There are a lot of reports of Mickey & Minnie around 10am

Lucky for them.

I was happy to move our TSM up, but not staying on property meant I haven’t seen any availability for MMRR, MFSR, or SDD for the week of 3/14 - 3/22, regardless of time.

What week? These reports seem to be around the 24th.

Oh, sorry! The first one they moved up: 3/14-21

Is TSM really gone already? I’ve been watching it like a hawk today

TSM has some availability on some of the days (I can only see the ones where I already have passes for DHS or trying to move a TSM). 5pm and 5:20pm are available for example. People moved their passes up I guess.

Moving TSM seems to be easier than trying to get a new one (as usual) so grab it for whenever then try to move it.

Are there specific times known that Disney won’t release FPs? Like late night, etc.

TSM on 3/25 dropped around 6pm ET. I was able to modify a 12:25 to 8:15. They ran out pretty fast.

I saw 8am TSM for 3/28 a little while ago. Also grabbed MMRR for 10:10am that day!

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UGH!! I mean, I shouldn’t complain, I am going solo because of a work conference and I have some pretty good FPs schedule BUT would love to move my MMRR FP to 820 or before and then I have TSM at 925 and RnRC at 1025. Currently have MMRR at 325p on the 24th but would love for that to be in the 8:00 hour so maybe could make an Epcot FP for later in the evening. I only have 2 days to myself before my stupid meetings start. I should be happy and definitely could make what I have work but…

Thank you everyone!!

MF, SDD, and MMRR just dropped for 3/14-3/21. Go go go!!


I just moved up a bunch of fastpasses… SDD was available the morning of 3/22