Update on CL VIP FPP Program

Just an update on the pilot Club Level FPP program, for those of you who have been following that info. Reserved seating at evening shows is no longer part of the package. DSS is currently giving an extra CL FPP (in addition to the extra 3) to make up for this switch. But, a big bummer. Plan accordingly. We had cancelled our Garden View dessert party when I signed up for our CL room, but just now re-booked it. Fortunately it had not sold out yet.


Thanks for the update. I know it is silly but that makes a difference to me.

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Me, too! It was a nice additional perk.

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Doesn’t it end at the end of August?

Wow, that’s interesting. I thought it was a pilot program through the middle of September.

Maybe I misheard.

But a 4th FP…that’s kind of cool…

It is ongoing. I think the elimination of the reserve viewing is Disney’s way of testing the price point for this program — this latest change probably reflects their hypothesis that if people will pay for a club level room and for extra fast passes, those same people will still pay for viewing parties (ie happily ever after dessert party, etc.) Too bad.

Made my CL FPP reservations this morning. CM seemed pretty knowledgeable…but on the new rider switch policy, even she admitted that it is not being applied uniformly in the parks; some CM’s are requiring both adults to have FP’s; some are not. I pointed out that it seems to defeat the purpose of RS if you require a FP for it, but she sort of verbally shrugged. I can’t believe that Disney hasn’t communicated a clear policy from the top down. She did give me an extra FPP for the lost reserved viewing, but was more reluctant to do so than the original CM I spoke to.

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Is your trip in October? I did not hear rumors of this ending, have you?

Yes, late October, and no, I have not heard any mention from Disney or my Magical Vacations rep that the program would end; just simply that it is a “pilot” program and hence could be changed at any time.

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Just out of curiosity what stops people from buying an extra ticket for 3 extra FP’s vs staying in a club level room. I haven’t done the math…but I would imagine that the extra ticket is cheaper…especially if you buy a 10 and under ticket and you could for the purpose of this argument state you are sharing your family members magic band? This will work really well for someone on a solo trip for sure.

You would have to enter the park on that ticket too orbthe account would be locked. You could also use the “change party” feature for as long as that works. A one day ticket is over $100. CL also gets you food and drinks.

Ok good points but if its the 3 extra FPs your after, can be done legitimately for a lower cost than staying in a CL room no?

Well, I’m not sure you can enter the park on two separate passes. You might be able to “switch parties” from additional FP’s loaded on to an annual pass, I’m not sure. But the other benefit that you can’t otherwise buy is the booking of FP’s 90 days out instead of 60. So you don’t have to play the 7 a.m. 60-day lotto and deal with MDE and a beheaded Olaf.

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oh that is a good perk!

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I think to make the extra ticket work you’d need to exit & then enter on the 2nd ticket so both tix were scanned at the turnstile.

You can do a 7 day adult non-hopper for $413 - so for that’s < $20 a FP. In theory you could also arrange them to overlap between the 2 accounts so you could have one active FP every half hour which would have its advantages. $20 a FP is pretty steep to me, but it’s likely not ridiculously priced I guess. And it would be a lot more for a shorter stay…

Right, but again banking on them not eliminating the switch party feature which is entirely possible in light of its elimination on the app . For something I am spending so much time and money planning, I don’t want to risk it.

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I wasn’t thinking of switching the FP. Just using 2 magic bands to scan depending on which ticket you wanted to access. I’m not really suggesting doing it - I’d stay Club and use that perk legitimately instead, but it’s an interesting thought exercise.

The dummy ticket FPs would be limited to 30 days as well or you’d need to deal with fake reservations or additional people in the room…

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I gotcha. Yeah. It was great booking at 90 days out.

The using 2 bands idea is intriguing b/c, as you say, your FP’s could overlap quite a bit. I wonder if it is against the rules, if you’re paying for two tix?

That could work for one person but quickly the numbers of those tickets, plus food, I think would eliminate any savings- even with the $50 per person per day cost of the CL FOs?