Update on CL VIP FPP Program

I have done this in the past- back when FPP was new and you were limited to only 3 FPP total a day. We actually booked a 1 night room, got deluxe dining with it, and 2 day non-hopper tickets. We had magic bands for each room reservation, and would just use one to enter the park and to use 3 FPP, and then exit and reenter park with second magic band from the 1 night resort reservation with the 2 day ticket attached. We only did it for 2 days, one day we used 3 FPP in 1 park, 3 in another (regular tix were not hoppers) and the other day we had 6 prebooked FPP at MK. It worked fine, but it gets very confusing remembering which rides are on which band. I also tried to use a snack credit on the wrong band and couldn’t figure out why the CM said we had no credits. I was too embarrassed to switch bands in front of the CM, so just paid out of pocket :rofl:
Disney doesn’t care if you buy 2 sets of tickets, more money in their pockets! There really is no need for me to ever do it again though, since you can get FPP all day long now. At the time, the cost for one night at ASSports plus 2 day tickets for 3 and the deluxe dining plan for 1 night (which we maximized and saved a lot of money those 2 days) was not that much, and it gave me piece of mind with FPP back when it was still very uncertain.

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In the UK, a 14-day all parks, park-hopper, ticket is £399.

What’s to stop you buying two, linking them to two separate MBs on two separate MDEs and getting six FPPs a day. You go to MK in the morning with MB1, use your three FPPs, then go to Epcot in the afternoon, tapping in with MB2.

Or even, you go to AK in the morning with MB1, leave the park briefly in the afternoon, and return with MB2.

Or you go to DHS in the morning from your lovely non-CL room at YC. You return for an afternoon nap / swim. And then back to DHS with the other MB for three more FPPs. Or over to Epcot for three FPPs there.

To Disney you’ve just become two different people. You’ve paid twice. They don’t care. In the massively unlikely event you spend 14 days in the parks, you’ve paid £399 for 42 FPPs, which is under £10 each.


Very cool to know! I suspect that this will be our only time doing the CL program, as we simply wanted to guarantee being able to ride FOP, Soarin, and the Mountains which DS has never done, and doing exactly what we want, when we want in a short amount of time with 90-day-out booking. That said, I’m not even using it for our second MK day, a predicted CL 2, and am planning on being able to just continually get FPP as the day goes on. If that plan doesn’t pan out we will still have done a lot of stuff by the time we use our first 3 FPP and our prior day at MK.


All great ideas.

Finally, if I had known at the time that reserved viewing for nighttime shows would be eiminated, I might not have booked a CL room. I could still change it in theory but at this point my plans and FPP’s for October are now set.