UPDATE! Got an 8:20 H&V res!

I’ve read a bit on this topic but now that our ADR for that day is finalized I thought I’d get more specific info…We need to sign up for Jedi Training…and we have a 9:10 Hollywood & Vine breakfast (9am park opening day). Will they let us enter earlier than RD crowd to sign up for Jedi Training since rope drop crowd + signup does not probably equal enough time to finish up (10 minutes) before our ressie?

Anyone know if my 9:10 res will get us in early enough to sign up before breakfast? And do they still have signup started that early for people with ADRs that overlap with signing up at park opening?

I don’t think you’ll get in early because you have an 9:10 ADR. However you will be let in by 8:45am along with everyone else, and if you’re at the front on the left hand side, you should have finished signing up for JT by 9:10am

OK thanks! So they do let people in early at HS? I’ve heard conflicting info…which is why I’m asking lol. Read here on TP specifically that they let people with breakfasts sign up before “official” park opening…wondering how long it takes then, CL4 day.

I’m not speaking from experience, but I think you are talking about pre rope drop breakfasts which you don’t have. Sorry, I still think you’ll be OK, as long as you’re early.

You’re right, ours is 10 minutes after park opening. Just wondering if we’ll have enough time.

Anybody know from recent experience - do they typically let people in to sign up earlier than RD if they have a reservation that quickly after park opening (therefore making it not necessarily possible to finish signup before the reservation time?).
Tagging a few I’ve gotten lots of other feedback from but I welcome anyone’s feedback who has experienced or seen this recently! :smiley:

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How they handle Jedi signups literally seems to change from week to week, however, I don’t have any kids so I can’t really confirm or deny anything.

Right?! This is why I was inquiring…I’ve heard all different things from people’s first hand accounts!
I originally booked at 10:30 H&V breakfast (which is kind of late for us…considering it’s TS and we’ll be out after 11 after seeing all characters etc…and then res finder sent me a 9:10 which I thought great, we’ll do that and hopefully do Jedi signup beforehand…because so many people had reported being allowed in to sign up before their breakfast I though this would be more of a solid plan, and sounded better to me than RD, straight to wait in line for signup for who knows how long, then breakfast, THEN finally start touring etc…

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Probably still a solid plan. They usually don’t gripe too much if you show up a little late for an ADR. Or you could maybe have one adult go check in if it looks like you’ll be more than 10 mins late getting there.

I, personally, would not do a 9:10am ADR. You will be eating during the best touring time and I don’t think there will be any early entry with that time. If you can grab a pre RD I have heard they let you sign up before you head to your ADR. So for sure some benefit there. We are doing the EMM to get a jump on signing up for Jedi training. I hope it works.

I’ve thought about this too…if we don’t gain early entry time then it may be better to stick w/ the 10:30 (which I have not yet canceled). I’d prefer a little earlier and closer to breakfast time but 10:30 isn’t terrible.

EMM is only on select days, correct? I ask because last I checked our day was not an EMM day which I planned that way specifically. We’re doing one day at HS and I’m not interested in complicating it by having to compete w/ EMM folks for Jedi signup, lol.

10:30-10:45 is one of my favorite breakfast times. We do Tusker House at that time. But my crew is not even ready for food until they have been awake 2-3 hours. That might now work best for your family.

This is what a Disney CM told me. They were very elusive on the “how early can I get in and sign up” part of it though, lol.
I just don’t think it’s reasonable to assume we’d be done with signup in time to make it to a 9:10 res…therefore kind of thinking CMs would understand that and therefore let you go sign up. IDK, like you said, it’ seems to change weekly!

Yes select days. I want to say Saturday’s

That is a very good point…they’re not usually ready to stuff their faces right after waking up, and being on the go, getting out the door, catching the bus from WL to HS will fill up the time quickly and they’ll be hungry when it’s time to eat.

Just got home from Disney and had ADR at H&V for the sole purpose of Jedi Knight signup. Here was our experience:
We got to HS at 7:20 for an 8:10 a.m. ADR. The cast members had created a line for “breakfast reservation” people. It was pretty long at that point. They searched our bags early (7:30) and then let us line up at multiple magic band/fingerprint scan kiosks to wait for the park to open. While on the kiosk line, a CM came to everyone to check them in for their reservation. We gave our name and she checked us in. Then we asked her if Jedi Training signups were open for us to sign up prior to going to H&V for breakfast. She told me that she didn’t think that they were open that early but she hadn’t been up front (checking people in) for awhile, so she could be wrong. I told her that I’d heard differently and the people behind us piped in that they thought you were allowed to also. The CM left and checked and corrected herself. She said that we absolutely can sign up for Jedi Training before we go to breakfast. They started scanning magic bands at 8 a.m. (I think that was the time of the first breakfast ressie). Before we went to breakfast, we walked right past H&V, all the way to the end of that street to the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost and signed up for Jedi Training for my daughters. We were able to get the first time slot - 10:10 a.m. and it was a very easy process. At signup, they also give you a paper fastpass for up to 5 people to go anywhere in HS for that day because the Jedi knight training takes up about an hour of your day (you need to be there at 9:40 for a 10:10 signup) and the show ended around 10:35.

All of this being said, no one asked us about our reservation time when we were in line. If I were you, I would try it. The worst they could do is tell you no, you can’t go in early. I do know that for ADRs, especially character dining - they do want people in and out as quickly as possible so it’s likely that they won’t have a problem with you being there “early” for your ADRs.

If you are getting sketchy answers from Disney, I’d keep trying to get answers, BUT, if the answers are still sketchy when the date comes, any chance that your group can split up? One to go to the adr, and one to go to Jedi sign up? If part of the group can head to to the ADR, tell them to order for you? If not, I’d go straight to Jedi if it’s a priority. Maybe call the restaurant, and tell them how long the line is for Jedi setup. I can’t imagine the restaurant hasn’t taken the same type of call before if the Jedi line is long, and they were not letting ppl in for early sign up. I would definitely get there 20 or 30 minutes before RD, and try to ask a cm about Jedi sign up, if they were not advertising it. I’ve read that sometimes they have signage up for the early Jedi sign up. Hope you get in! We’re going to try to do it twice during our stay.

Thank you! Was this on an 8am park opening day or usual 9am?