UPDATE: Getting closer, adding finishing touches A little good news. construction walls are down at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

that would be amazing, I’m there the following week!

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They are adding the annual flowers to the landscaping. That is something you only do when you are ready for guests.



From what I’ve heard we’re still looking at “Spring”. There are reports lthat CMs are currently being trained to operate it, but not from my “go to” sources.

As far as BGs go, it was considered as a way to manage the queues that stand-by only would generate. No-one seems to be certain what will happen though.

They want this up an running for the 50th right? What else will be ready for that landmark year?

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Do you mean “within a year from the 50th”? In which case, Tron and GOTG have a chance of making it, although I’m not convinced GotG will. And if Tron does then so should the railroad. Moana’s water thingy too.

Space 220 should open this summer, but then we were all expecting it this time last year!


I was thinking of all they want ready for the BIG anniversary

Well pre-Covid then Rat would have opened last summer and Tron would have been ready in time for 1st October 2021. Along with Harmonius.

Some of the Epcot projects should have been ready for Epcot’s 40th. I would have thought Moana, Play pavilion and the central “spine” at least functional. Possibly GotG. Not the “festival centre” or Mary Poppins.

Now, Rat and Space 220 is about it. And also Harmonius I guess.


Isn’t Mary nixed which makes me want to cry?

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Well not officially … :wink:

But really it wasn’t going to be anything that amazing sadly. Predictably, after all the teasers at D23 when they didn’t actually specify what it was but implied a new ride, the reality turned out to be somewhat different. What we were going to end up was very similar to “Enchanted Tales with Belle”. I think MP deserved better to be honest.


Oh really? I can stop being sad then.

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