UPDATE: Getting closer, adding finishing touches A little good news. construction walls are down at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

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Looks like Jim & Len’s predictions about an opening after MLK weekend might be happening?!?


I hope so! Going to be there at the end of the month!


Looks great! Hope it’s open for our next trip (currently scheduled for late March, but this trip has been rescheduled 3 times already…).

That would be awesome! Or, they timed it with the DME and EMH announcements as a distraction and it will be opening “soon” in perpetuity (along with Space 220).


Me too! I am wondering how many hours this will add to my TP if it’s open. :upside_down_face:

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Great news!
In the absence of FP, I eagerly look forward to… walking right by the queues of people outside Remy enduring the predicted 85 minute wait times that my family won’t.

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Maybe they will have the ride running before official start time, like MMRR at HS, and if you are there for RD the initial wait won’t be sooo bad?

Possibly. The touring plan wasn’t very optimistic (when it allowed you to put the attraction into your plan).
Seems like you need 3 days at EPCOT:
-RD Soaring Day
-RD Remy Day

And stick around, because an hour before closing you’ll be lining up for Test Track or Mission Space.

I am guessing remy will need boarding passes

I’m looking forward to the crepe restaurant more than the ride :rofl: :plate_with_cutlery:


I thought the BGs were developed because ROTR breaks down frequently.
Isn’t the Rat Ride basically just an omnimover dark ride?

I thought Remi was similar to MMRR

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Correct. It’s trackless, so I would expect any pattern in breakdowns similar to that of MMRR too. RotR has so many other things going on that can cause breakdowns on top of just the trackless part.


No clue.
All I’ve seen is a picture of the ride vehicle. And that might be a prototype or something from DLP.

It’s trackless:

(351) [4K] Trackless Ride - Ratatouille Ride - Disneyland Paris - YouTube

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Well it’s about time that some attraction challenged Test Track for least reliable in EPCOT.

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Hasn’t MMRR been pretty reliable? Maybe not?

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I think it’s been reliable; I’ve not heard of consistent issues. I’m sure someone with more information will speak up though