Upcharge dining

on Remy and Palo, i’ve done Both. Not yet brunch, will do next cruise in Jan! But both for dinner are so Great. If you want beyond special do Remy. If fabulous Palo is that. I’ve done both prix fixe and a la carte — i think prix fixe is great enough. wine pairing is expensive but if you truly love wine worth it.

i agree with @lizzieanne771 to aim for Pirate night for the upscale alternative if you can get it


I LOVED these episodes - both of them. Thank you for pointing me in their direction.
Not sure if I will keep listening on the regular, but these were perfect episodes for me to listen to.

I WILL be ordering warm cookies and milk from room service at least once at the end of the day.

Doing both Palo with a big group and Remy (birthday gift from my Auntie!) with a small group.

But the hack I’m most intrigued to try is the “one from the bin”. A grab bag of sorts for possibly expensive wine at cheap prices? Yes please!


I recently watched the Tim Tracker video of them going to Remy and ooooh it looked GOOD. (I am not a cruise person so I will have to live vicariously through you :slightly_smiling_face:)


I saw that too! That series came out right before I found out I was invited on this voyage!

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I was so surprised by that one! I also completely missed the “happy hour”. I think maybe because they are not allowed in MA I never look/notice them anywhere.

Oh right that was another one

I have to go back and re-listen when I can add some things to my “to do” list instead of while driving.

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I’ve read about asking for wine from the bin but don’t know how to do it. Can you explain? Tell me exactly what I’m supposed to say/do?

We met a couple in the adult section of the Dream in October that told us about happy hour. We didn’t do it last year but plan to this October.

DS13 stays in Vibe/Edge so we like to do adult things until he decides he wants to see us again.

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The drink of the day was a good way to “save” money too. We brought 2 bottle of wine with us and drank them on the verandah before dinner.

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It sounds like you literally say, “I’ll have one from the bin, please”

So at dinner I just ask my server for “wine from the bin”? It’s really that easy??

It sounds that way.

I’m going to try it and I’ll let you know

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You can specify white red or bubbles. But otherwise it’s a grab bag :joy:

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The CM that walked around the adult pool sold my husband a Disney Cruise cooler with somewhere between 24-30 beers. They were in the cooler, placed in the fridge in our room and on the desk. All for the low, low cost of $212!!! DH obviously wasn’t listening when CM was asking him about it or they omitted the price when he ordered. LOL!


Yes, please do.

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I did note that alcohol was cheaper on the ship than in the parks.

I’ll be doing a live-ish trip report here and posting to social as it is an agency trip so you’ll definitely want to follow.


I thought it was generally at the bars but asking at dinner is a good idea.

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One of them said they did it at Palo I think too.

But yea mainly at the bars, and even then not all. I’m very interested to try it at Meridian and at the Champagne Bar.

I was doing this on a budget. Imagine I started out saying, “I’ll do this to demonstrate that you can have a glorious time without spending almost any additional money on board.”

I’m adorable sometimes.

Also my birthday is well timed. This trip is truly serendipitous in every way!


If it is operational, you order from the Sommolier Bin and you usually (but not always) have a choice of red, white, or sparkling. But that is it for the choices.

Not all of the bars have it - I’ve only seen it in the piano bar on the Classics (Magic and Wonder). I’ve not seen it anywhere on the Dream or Fantasy. And it doesn’t seem like there’s ANYWHERE it would fit on the Wish.

I’m pretty sure they were discussing their Dream sailing.

Also they said it’s noted way at the bottom of the menu for the lounges where it exists

Curious why you don’t think it would “fit” on the Wish

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