Upcharge dining

Which should I do?

  • Palo brunch
  • Palo dinner
  • Remy brunch
  • Remy dinner
  • Both Palo
  • Both Remy
  • One Palo and one Remy (comment below)
  • None

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Is there a question? Can you do up to two?

Wait. Are you asking what my question is?

Or are you saying, “duh is there even a question you fool do them all”

I think I would prefer to do only one but I figured I’d see what others say

I wasn’t sure if you wanted to do one or two. I liked Palo dinner and would do it again but Remy was an experience.

A good one?

Tell me more, if you care to

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On the Dream both are my and Palo are on the same level of the ship, so they have the same view.

A service team made sure that everything was perfect throughout the meal

The meal started with a cocktail

We then decided on the French or American menu. We all picked the French:

Each bite/dish was an explosion of flavor.

There was a cheese course in between?

My son told me last week. He is returning to the Dream, just to go to Remy again.


Well that’s an endorsement and a half!

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Although my server team from Palo saw us waiting to eat at Remy. The head waiter came over to me and whispered “if you’re still hungry after your dinner, come next door and we will feed you”.



Were you hungry??

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I think it was my son’s first meal at Jiko that converted him into a Disney dining fan.


Palo for both!!

Granted I have not done Remy - being gluten-free and not eating fish, I’m really not sure that whatever they served me would be worth it. Plus it it so froufrou… I’m not that fancy.

Palo dinner was a nice, upscale meal which we enjoyed but, as @PrincipalTinker said, Remy is an experience. We’re not usually super fancy dining people, but we loved every minute of it. I don’t drink wine, but my DH said that the wine pairings were amazing. And I loved every course, especially the cheese cart near the end. It’s expensive but well worth it if it is within your budget!


Just wondering when you’re cruising and which ship/itinerary? We’re doing a Christmas cruise on the Fantasy and contemplating which extras to go for.

4 nt Dream out of Miami
Nassau and Castaway


Honestly for the first time on a 4-night I’d only do a specialty restaurant one night, and make it pirate night - especially if it’s to familiarize yourself with the ship - so you get to experience all three of the MDRs. I’d imagine that more clients will be doing the MDRs and not so much the specialties. If they have brunch on more than one day, you could do brunch in each to get a feel for the specialty, but I just feel like if I was a first-time cruiser, I’d want to know about the regular stuff more than what is extra.

4-nights is really short - I realized that in May. I think I’m spoiled to 7+ and don’t think I could drop below 5 (though if I decide I want to experience the Wish I’ll have to).


@OBNurseNH do you listen to the Main Street Dish Podcast? They have been doing a series on DCL dining. Yesterday’s podcast was all about saving money on alcohol .

I haven’t but I will now!

Saving money on alcohol? And still getting a quality pour of a quality liquor? I’m intrigued

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I learned so much listening this week!

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I don’t know what they’re advising, but…

You’re allowed 2 bottles of wine OR 6 beers on board at embarkation. And you must carry it on - not put it in your checked luggage. And it should be consumed in your stateroom - or the wine may be taken to the restaurant with a $25 corkage fee.

It used to be that you could bring anything on board - again it was supposed to be consumed in your stateroom, but way too many people were blatantly busting out their own bottles on the pool deck and elsewhere.

The tastings are a good way to taste a variety of things. They used to have DVC presentations where there would be beverages offered - though those haven’t returned since COVID and even before it was more bottles of water that were offered.

That’s about it for legal ways.

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Every single hint they gave was “legal” and by the book.

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