UOAP Hotel Discounts?

My husband and I are going to do a UO trip in September and are considering getting UOAPs since we have a family trip planned in June 2021. My question is what are the current hotel discounts for UOAPs? We were looking at their value resorts, but can’t find if they are currently offering discounts and what they look like


I always start at the Universal Passholder pages. See if this link works:

I’ve tried the site but the Hotels and Packages section won’t open for me

What type of browser are you using? It is opening for me using Safari.

Have you considered contacting them directly? (888) 273-1311

Or a Travel Agent? I use Storybook Destinations. It’s totally free - they get paid commission by Universal not a fee to you.

AP room discounts are only out for trips through December. Universal releases more discounts a little at a time.

You can look up discounts here. To get a sense of the price difference. Click edit to change the dates.


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