UOAP Hotel Discounts?

Wooo! People helping people!


Thanks for the kind words Jeff, it’s stuff like this that is so rewarding. Have a fun trip!


I have a couple of follow-up questions that I’m hoping someone can answer. I will be at UOR in May, at which time I need to exchange my expired 1-day tickets for an AP for me and 3-day tickets for the rest of my party. I have to do this at guest services on site. Qeustions:

  1. Can I get the AP discount on tickets during the transaction when I purchase my AP? Or would I have to purchase my AP then do a separate transaction to upgrade the other tickets? I guess as long as I can do it at a single visit to GS, that’s fine even if I have to ring it up twice.

  2. Can I apply the cost of two 1-day tickets to a single 3-day ticket? Or does the cost application have to be one for one for each person’s ticket? I ask this because if the answer to 1) is No, I would buy an AP for myself ahead of time and then apply the cost of my expired 1-day ticket toward one of the other 3-day tickets.

Thanks in advance!

  1. I don’t know if anything has changed, but my experience in the past was that buying tickets in advance through Undercover Tourist (and bonus if you can get the additional Mousesavers discount!) was still cheaper than buying tickets on site with the AP discount. You might want to look into that.

  2. I suspect the answer to this question is a no, but I cannot say for certain.

I actually have tickets from UT! But they are expired (due to COVID) so I have to exchange them for new tickets, which can only be done at GS.

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Ah, I understand! In your question, I thought you meant you had to purchase new tickets for other people at the same time that you get your AP. Then I am sorry to say that I am completely useless to you in this situation!

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No worries - thanks anyway!

They released the June AP rates today. We just booked RP 6/14-6/18 for our first trip to Universal. I think we are going to buy the 3 park AP passes (1 premier and 2 preferred).

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